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Search results

  1. Chidamari Sketch

    The Avatar above gets turned into a Pokémon

  2. Chidamari Sketch

    Nickname the user above you.

    Natatorial Ursine
  3. Chidamari Sketch

    Which type would be the character above be?

    Fighting/Steel Sig (Puyo Puyo)
  4. Chidamari Sketch

    Nickname the user above you.

    Thaumaturge within the Thicket.
  5. Chidamari Sketch

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    A night in the woods, illuminated by faerie sapphire auras.
  6. Chidamari Sketch

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    Actually, I do enjoy coffee. V drinks Monster Energy.
  7. Chidamari Sketch

    What item would the above user be holding?

    Pixie Plate
  8. Chidamari Sketch

    What do you think the above user will use as their next avatar?

    Maybe a character from Infinity Train?
  9. Chidamari Sketch

    First thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above

    Small, emotional characters.
  10. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

  11. Chidamari Sketch

    Describe the User Above in One Word

  12. Chidamari Sketch

    Like, OK, Dislike

    Compared to its final evo, who I detest; I'm indifferent. Sharpedo
  13. Chidamari Sketch

    What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

    Tearful Look
  14. Chidamari Sketch

    What does ^'s usertitle tell you about them?

    ^ is less than appreciative of sycophantic manchildren.
  15. Chidamari Sketch

    Which type would be the character above be?

    Fairy/Ghost Famine (The Binding of Isaac)
  16. Chidamari Sketch

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Known for Madagascar references.