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    F-22's pictures

    This thread doesn't have a category because I have all kinds of stuff :P Anyways, before we get to the pictures, let me talk a little bit about myself. I've lived near the California coast my entire life. My permanent home is in San Diego, CA, with nice year-round weather. Contrary to popular...
  2. F

    My 1k post, finally

    :D omg it's not 100% terrible yes So I'm still working on the Bulbagarden community comic, but I have tons of Pokemon art to show. Because when I'm bored, I draw pogeymanz. I also have a few photos here and there, because i have a sizable Pokemon collection. Most if not all are Photobucket...
  3. F

    Picture Wars

    It's about time it came to Bulbagarden! D:< The objective of picture wars is to post a picture of something that counters the image above it. It can be wacky or practical, real or fictional, but it has to make sense, so please include a short one-line explanation if it's not something...
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    So....do you think there will ever be another Porygon episode?

    Ever since the introduction of P-Z, and the fact that we are far removed from the Dennou Senshi debacle now being more than 10 years later, I've been thinking about this. Maybe perhaps there might be one in the Shinou saga with all three in it. Maybe there probably won't be a policy change...
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    Um. Hi.

    I'm not going to be bothered writing my lifestory, because I'm lazy, just here to say hi, I guess. I've lurked here for a long while, so I eventaully just made an account. I don't know if there's anyone here from Smogon, but I go by the same username as there. Cookies, donuts, 5 star...