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  1. K

    10-year-old girl locked in closet for days.

    Source I honestly think this is disgraceful. There's a line between discipline and torture and I just feel bad for this girl. What do you guys think? Discuss.
  2. K

    A Quick question.

    I had no idea if this was an appropriate place. Is there a place for help on Pokemon games? I don't need help on what to do or where to go in a game, but just like tips for my team in Diamond.
  3. K

    Gallery problems?

    I just post art to my gallery, but it hasn't showed up on the recent fanart. Does it take a while to show up in the feed or what's going on?
  4. K

    How much do you pay attention to stats?

    The title explains it. When I was younger and my Pokemon leveled up, I really didn't care how much stats they would get. I would have a tl;dr moment and would just smash the A button. Now that I know what EVs are and how they affect stats, I seem to pay more attention to how much stats my...
  5. K

    Looking for a Vullaby

    Sorry I'm new at this, bare with me. I need one to complete my Pokedex in White I don't know what to offer. I don't have any shinys or any Pokemon with pokerus. If you have Black version, I can get you a Rufflet if you need one I also have a lot of starter Pokemon if you need one...
  6. K

    Favorite/least favorite Dream World game?

    I'm not sure if there's a thread for this. I know there's a Dream World thread but I thought it be easier to have a separate topic. If not, I'll move it to there. My favorites are the Sky Race and collect gems one Least favorite: Ice Cream scoop, and Blow-Out candles one.
  7. K

    BMGF Mobile help

    I like using the mobile version when on my iPod but I went to the full site to edit my About Me. How do I change it back to mobile?
  8. K

    Hi there

    Hi there I'm new here. Short intro cause I need to leave soon. I'm AWsquared , I'm from Missouri , and I've been a Pokemon fan since I was 6. My first game was Red version and R/S/E are my favorite games. I've played Red, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, FireRed, LeafGreen...