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    Superheroes and their Pokemon

    With the iminent release of the next Batman film The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - IMDb (OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!) I thought I'd link it to a pokemon hypothetical question. If Batman was a pokemon trainer / gym leader etc what would his team be? Don't all say Gliscor/Crobat at once!!! I think...
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    Pokemon Pictures

    apologies if this thread already exists but i'm in a rush! feel free to merge it. Found this on deviant art by R Srave anyone for any more pics?
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    Indian Summers

    (I don't know where to put this thread, feel free to move it :p) With the out of season good weather in the UK, i was wondering what people are doing with it all. I've enjoyed hot days in my local park (in late September! lol) and i'm going to a BBQ tomorrow (nom nom nom). So. What...
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    Signature Request

    Hello, could i request a signature from one of the very talented artists and spriters on this forum? I want it to be in this format: but with a different background (use your imagination! something cool ^_^) different trainer: either a swimmer or a ninja (male) the pokemon: in this...
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    WTB more trade option emotes

    So far we only have happy face, sad face, love and exclamation mark and these can be pretty ambiguous. Now we've made do with these 4 so far but i think trading would be more fun and easy to understand your trade partner if there more options. What do you think there should be? Here's my...
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    New Eeveelutions

    I found this yesterday. Apologies if someone has already posted this but it's awesome! Everyone wants more eevees right? Which one would you have? I'd have the Fisting Eevee! The little terror ;p http://pldh.net/media/gallery/users/dowant_eeveelutions.png
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    Make False Pokemon Statements!

    Hey guys, i'm in a joking mood :) (what's new? :p) So I thought i'd start a game: The premise is to make silly, foolish or downright impossible facts about Pokemon! I'll start: All Dittos are Arceus's babies Have fun!
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    Error 13267

    For those who haven't heard of it before, error 13267 on the GTS implies that you are not allowed to offer your pokemon for trade because the system believes said pokemon is hacked. But what if you know you haven't got a hacked pokemon? What if you know you raised it by yourself, caught it on...
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    Your favourite Pkmn Movie

    Of all the movies released so far, which is your favourite? I'd like to hear all your thoughts on the good ones and the bad ones so i can decide which film to buy first. I remember watching Celebi: Voice of the Forest a few years back and i enjoyed that one cos it had a nice eco message :)...
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    -Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place :S - Hello community :) I'm looking to make a cool battle team sig like this one: But i'd like a bit more customisation. Are there any more websites that can generate what i'm looking for? something like this: or but with more...
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    UK: Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs - shop

    Well i want a shaymin and Deoxys but i don't want to spend more than £15 - £20 on it. If they were good games i'd have no qualms about paying a high price but i've suffered through the 2nd game for my manaphy and darkrai and am a bit hesitant to spend a lot of money just to catch 2 (albeit...
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    Who here uses it? I only just realised you can speak and hear the other trader! Atm i'm a bit shy :$ I can speak on TS/Vent in my WoW guild no problems but 1to1 with other pokefans? /blush "So you like pokemon?" "Yup" "ok..." ^_^
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    Hello Internet :)

    Hello community. My name is Khal or redyakuza or w/e :) I'm 25 and live in the UK. I've finally bought a wifi adaptor so i can trade with the world! (loves ds lite for gba backwards compatibility) I'm ready to dive into the amazing world of pokemon :) Please add my pal code if you want a...