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    Who is your favorite Elite Four member?

    I would say that my favorite Elite Four member is probably Lorelei. I like her personality within the games and in the anime. She seems really chilled out and just goes with the flow. I also kind of like Lucian, even though he gave me trouble a few times.
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    Do you have a favorite Pokemon on your team?

    Basically, is there a Pokemon in your current team that you favor, if only just a little bit, over the others? It can be simply because of its appearance, strength, or a combination of different things. In my case, I think my favorite Pokemon to use in my team is my Reuniclus. It has only...
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    Toto, I don't think we're lurking anymore...

    Yo, what's up everybody? I've been into Pokemon ever since I was 8, when I played Gold, my first game. :D I hope I meet a lot of cool people here.