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    [6th Gen.] RMT OU (Help Appreciated)

    Hello, all. Simply put, the premise of this thread will be me asking for help on what to do with this team, as I have been changing it constantly, with different members and strategies every time. That said, I feel like I'm finally comfortable with this team, but it's not the best, and has...
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    OU RMT/Help?

    Currently, my team is: 1.) Thundurus Atk: 76/SpA: 180/Spe: 252 Nature: Naive Ability: Prankster Item: Life Orb Moves: - Thunder Wave - Knock Off - Thunderbolt - Hidden Power Ice 2.) Sylveon HP: 252/SpA: 4/SpD: 252 Nature: Calm Ability: Pixilate Item: Leftovers Moves: - Hyper Voice - Protect -...
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    (RMT) My Attempt at Competitive Online

    This is one of my first attempts at creating a team for competitive battling online, and my first for this generation (my first few were all Gen. IV). I want to establish that I plan for this team to be as versatile as possible, if possible, and to be somewhat made up of more "off-the-radar"...
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    Calm Ralts

    Hey, I'm looking for a female (Planning for Gardevoir, and like a female Machamp, a male Gardevoir bothers me..), Calm-natured Ralts and (preferably) impressive IV's. What'd get the trade done?
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    Male Seviper w/ Dark Pulse

    All I want is in the title. If anyone is willing, please reply. I would like to get this trade done soon.
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    Seeking 'Iron Fist' Chimchar

    So, as the title says, I am looking for an 'Iron Fist' Chimchar, with preferably high IV's and a "Jolly" nature. Thanks to anyone who helps out! P.S Small little question: Why does it matter if a Pokemon has high IV's or low IV's? Doesn't EV training just bring the same result regardless?
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    Stat-boosting medicine question

    If I breed a Pokemon, should I immediately give it the medicine to boost a certain stat to 100, and then EV train it? Or does EV-training the whole time have the same effect?
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    Looking for Modest Deino with Dark Pulse

    Just state your returning price and I'll check if I have it.
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    Looking for a newly bred Rufflet

    I have Pokemon Black, so Rufflet is unavailable.
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    Rate my Gen IV team

    This is the team I plan to have, it's not complete just yet. Infernape @Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Moves: Grass Knot, Close Combat, Flamethrower, Thunderpunch Garchomp @Yache Berry Nature: Jolly Moves: Fire Fang, Stone Edge, Outrage, Earthquake Claydol @Light Clay Nature: Relaxed...
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    Looking for a Gen. III Dusclops (for Heartgold)

    I want a Dusclops from Generation III because I want one that knows Dynamicpunch (so I can evolve it into Dusknoir). P.S Can it be in a normal pokeball please? I'm doing something that involves all my Pokemon in an average pokeball.
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    Looking for Baltoy

    On Heartgold, I'd like to trade for a Baltoy.
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    Seeking an average Scizor

    If anyone is willing to part with their Scizor, contact me.
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    Hello, I'm DarkTitan837. How's everyone doing?