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    So I was playing pokemon and I noticed some things that could give us a hint that there might be 3rd gen REMAKES!! 1. BUILDINGS - In HGSS, the roof of the tunnel that connects two routes and cities, there is a rather familiar looking roof. What I mean is that it looks exactly like an...
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    What was your best Christmas present?

    Simple, just read the title^^ My fav was my XBox 360 Elite, with Kinect and GTA: Episodes from Liberty City!!
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    The Wikipedia Game!

    Okay, so click this which will send you to Wikipedia. Then, on the left side, you will see a list of options. Click "Random article". And post what it took you to! It's a simple and fun game! I was taken to "Smallest Cardiac Veins" Lol
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    "The Big Freeze"

    So Scotland has been snowing for 5 days now and it is now known as the Big Freeze. Temperatures have got as low as -21 deg. C. All schools in Glasgow have been closed and over half of all Scotiish pupils have been sent home, but not me! So out of curiosity, is it snowing where you are, and if...
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    Contest: Throh and Sawk vs Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

    I'm really surprised that there isn't already a thread for this 'cos Nageki and Dageki are often regarded as the Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee of the 5th Generation. So who will win. Better design. Stats. Movepool. Overall
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    When Did You Start Spriting?

    CALLING ALL SPRITERS, I'm just curious when you started spriting, and if you can, show us your first sprite, no matter how funny or good it is. I started in September 2010. :banana:
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    TheKILLERMareep's Sprite Contest 5. THEME - Everything to do with Splices!

    Simply post your best splice ever made. You can only post 1 sprite to make the contest fairer. The splice must involve 2-5 pokemon. I will judge the sprites on 3 categories - Style, pokemon used and variety of types. (Elemental types) Here's an example that I did over a month ago: I used...
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    The Weekly Pokemon Quiz.

    Hello people. I have decided to make a pokemon quiz where I will add new questions weekly, that explains the name! Post your answers and every Sunday, I will announce the winners! So shall we go on to it? *Invisible crowd* Yes! 1. Which 4 pokemon have a base stat total of 498? CLUE...
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    Rearrange the Username.

    This is a fun game where you have to correctly guess the username in the jumbled up username. Whoever gets it right gets to take over., and so on and so forth... Let's start, shall we: theyairsyuk.
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    Chuck Norris Jokes.

    Post your own Chuck Norris jokes. I have a few: Chuck norris once roundhouse kicked a horse in the face, it's now commonly known as "Giraffe!" Kiddies at night wear Superman pyjamas, Superman at night wears Chuck Norris jokes!
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    Will You Get the 3DS?

    I am definetly getting the 3DS, i might even get it the day it comes out! But will you?
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    Guess the NAME of the User Above You.

    Simples. Just guess the first name of the user above you.
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    The Official BMGf "Hey There's a New Person On the Forums" Thread.

    This is a place to tell other users about new users. But don't make bad comments like "Hey there's a new kid here, so lets hack into has account!" So there's a new guy that I know in real life, he's called Billy The Fish, and it would be awesome if you were to go and check out his profile...
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    TheKILLERMareep and Mr. Slowpoke's Sprite Shop!

    WELCOME TO THE MAGNETON AND MR. SLOWPOKE'S SPRITE SHOP! The picture above is what stuff I do, and you can check what Mr. Slowpoke Does in page 7 I think. RULES AND THAT CRAP: Only ONE request per person per day. You must state who shall do the sprite. I really don't mind swearing but...
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    Say One Good Thing About the User Above You.

    Very simple isn't it! just say one good thing about the user above you, and it goes on and on and on and on...
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    Link Association.

    Hello. I haven't made a thread in a long time, like a couple of weeks. Anyway I thought of this idea today at school. You simply post a link to anything from YouTube videos to Google Images. As long as it relates to the link above you. Example: A: You must watch this video, it's so...
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    The Next Person To Post Gets A...

    Hello! My name is Mareep (Obviously) and this is a rather weird thread. So here's how it goes... I will post something like "The next person to post gets a random visitor message. Then whoever replies will say "Okay, the next person to post gats a lv 50 Metang." and so on. So, without...
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    Hi, peeps, Mareep here with another sprite contest. So this contest will be ULTIMATE TRAINERS!! Here's an example: You can do a scratch sprite or a trainer splice. RULES AND THAT CRAP: The contest ends when all the trainers listed below are created. Types; Ice, Grass, Electric, Steel...
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    The "In My Hat" Game...

    This is a newer version of the "In my bed" game. So let's get on wih it: A wild BIDOOF appeared in my hat!
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    How Old Were You When You Joined the Forums???

    Hello peeps, TKM here. So how old were you when you were a newbie? I was 12.