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  1. Akira Bond

    Pokemon Home

    There will ALWAYS be a meta game for these types of games, it is unavoidable. The only way to stop it would be to literally make every single Pokémon 'even' which would present more issues. This will solve nothing, all it will do is create a new 'metagame,' one with much less options, therefore...
  2. Akira Bond

    Pokemon Home

    Culling so many Pokémon and leaving us with a much smaller roster has the likely out one that even more people will use the same teams and same Pokémon in tournaments as they did before. They seem like they are trying to solve balancing issues with newer balancing issues. Unless they make every...
  3. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    The problem is that they easily could have told us they plan on working on a future update. They know what this news would do, there is no way they wouldn't know how upset people would be over it. They could have easily told us they had plans to do so, and it would have calmed down the fanbase a...
  4. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    I actually cannot believe that Gamefreak made the decision to effectively cull out what I expect to be approximately 50% of all Pokémon at least (depending how many Pokémon are actually available in Sword and Shield). I bet this was Thanos' doing! seriously though, I have never been more...
  5. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    It may be from the perspective of whoever is making the claim, but that doesn't change the fact that the wording/ phasing is incorrect. I still find it ironic whenever someone makes a post almost solely to tell someone to 'drop the discussion' when simply not replying would achieve that, and...
  6. Akira Bond

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    I didn't take a liking to it as quickly as I did mega evolution or Z moves. However, the fact that I can use this on my Dragonite warms me up to the mechanic a little more, mostly because it doesn't seem like Dragonite will ever get a mega evolution at this point.
  7. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    What is courteous about making a reply effectively telling me to stop replying? I quoted you because I had just read the conversation and joined in. You replied to me telling me to stop the argument... Which you could have achieved yourself by simply not replying to me at all if you wanted the...
  8. Akira Bond

    Pokemon you think should not have been created

    Turtanotor. That Pokémon doesn't deserve to be a Fire/Dragon type Pokémon.
  9. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    Replies to tell me to drop it... That comment makes even less sense than the comments people make when they say that someone is running out of ideas. If you wanted it to drop, you could have simply not replied. I chose to reserve my right to reply to any message I see fit in this thread, as I...
  10. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    Since Pokémon Sword and Shield are being played at E3, it is safe to assume we'll see something new. Like others have said, I imagine seeing at least 1 or 2 new Pokémon available early in game, and we'll get a sample of some of the early game music as well. From here on out, we'll hopefully be...
  11. Akira Bond

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    I was very happy with what was revealed during this direct. Although I admit that I haven't taken a liking to dynamaxing yet as much as I originally did with Mega Evolution and Z moves, mainly because it seems that it is all but officially confirmed that we'll never get another new mega...
  12. Akira Bond

    Pokémon Masters

    Despite not having seen much gameplay or information on this game, I currently neatly stand as intrigued. Being able to battle with all these past characters seems very interesting. Let's hope the gameplay is enjoyable.
  13. Akira Bond

    Does It Bother Anyone Else?

    It never really bothered me back then, as there were times when they didn't really have a choice. I would like to see going fourth though, an updated team for both of them consisting of Pokémon of their specialty. Now that we have plenty of Dragon and Ghost type Pokémon, they could easily re...
  14. Akira Bond

    Who would play Red and Blue in a potential live action film based on Gen I?

    Is he? I've never heard that Trainer Red was supposed to be in this film. When I searched up that actor on Wikipedia, it just says he plays 'Pokémon Trainer' and doesn't specify any name. Has it been confirmed or specified that he plays Red?
  15. Akira Bond

    Type combos?

    I would really enjoy having a Dragon/Steel type Pokémon (as long as it actually looks like a Dragon). Steel type seems like it would be quite fitting for this region as well. It's a great type combination as well, it would only have weaknesses to the Ground type and the Fighting type.
  16. Akira Bond

    Create Your Own Pokéball

    An orange coloured Pokeball with a red star on the top, that boosts the catch rate of capturing Dragons. This orange ball will be called the Dragonball... Oh wait... In all seriousness though, I would create a Dragon ball that boosts the capture rate on Dragon type Pokémon by 1.5x - 2x. The top...
  17. Akira Bond

    Pokemon aspects that should be happening. So why aren't they

    A Pokémon game where you create your own organisation would be quite enjoyable. I'd enjoy a spin off title (technically spin off, but similar enough to the main series in that you can still travel around the region capturing and training any Pokémon you wanted), where you start off as a grunt...
  18. Akira Bond

    New Move naming contest

    I like the idea of using the words Platinum, Silver or even Carbon in the name. Platinum/Silver/Carbon Drain, Storm, Bullets would be good names for a special attacking move. Rush, Slash, Breaker, would be good for a physical attacking move.
  19. Akira Bond

    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    Now that we are moving to the Switch, I'm hoping they take advantage and take character customisation even further. I'd be all for choosing an age bracket (kid, young teen, late teen, adult) as options so that older players do not need to play as children. At the very least, I'd be happy if the...
  20. Akira Bond

    Type combos?

    New type combos are always welcome. Personally, I'm hoping Gamefreak takes a second chance at making a non legendary Fire/Dragon type Pokémon, and have the result not end up being a Turtonator... Seriously. I want a REAL Fire/Dragon type Pokémon, not one that still triggers me years after...