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  1. Nicolas721

    SM Episode titles predictions & Prediction Reviews

    Anime spoilers up to the most recent episode below Hi guys. In this thread I'll post my predictions about upcoming SM episode titles and plots in general. Ironically the first post will not be about new predictions, those will be posted sometime next week (and will include league stuff!) as I'm...
  2. Nicolas721

    LGPE style maps

    Hi guys. If there's something I liked about LGPE was its Kanto map. It was the same air view of the region as always, but it contained the Pokemon native to it sprinkled through the region in places where they played a key role or in random places in case they didn't have any, so the map would...
  3. Nicolas721

    NEWS: Pokémon from Gens VI&VII found to be in disorder in the internal code

    Hi guys. For those of us who like beta stuff & data, an interesting piece of news has arrived, and while it's not as juicy as the GS beta release I think it deserves some attention. With the reveal of it has been revealed that from Gen 6 onwards, in the asset numbers, Pokemon don't occupy...
  4. Nicolas721

    GEN VII: Help me with trade evolutions, and get a prize! II

    Hi guys :)The person I was going to trade with vanished in an Ultra Wormhole so I'm creating this thread again. I need someone who helps me in Sun & Moon with evolving aproximately 7 Pokemon that evolve by trading and then trading them back to me. If you help me, I will give you a Porygon...
  5. Nicolas721

    Help me with trade evolutions, and get a prize!

    Hi guys :) I need someone who helps me in Sun & Moon with evolving aproximately 7 Pokemon that evolve by trading and then trading them back to me. If you help me, I will give you a Porygon holding a Heavy Ball! So if you want to help just leave a reply. My friend code is 1762-3258-3002.
  6. Nicolas721

    Looking for a Popplio in advance

    Hi guys (y) I want to have two starters in my SM team, so I hope one of you could send me a Popplio when the game is released on friday. My offer would be something from Gen VI, I have a lot of Pokemon, you can ask and I'll answer if I have it. I don't have shinies or IV trained mons but I can...
  7. Nicolas721

    Cilan's hobbies

    Hi guys. It's Cilan time (literally, thanks to his special!) so I'd like to ask you three questions. What was your favorite hobby? What was your least favorite? What would you have liked to see him trying? This is supposed to be a relaxed and fun thread. If you want to rant about Cilan, go...
  8. Nicolas721

    Non-Playable Characters Thread

    Didn't found anything similar so I guess I can post it. In this thread you can discuss the professor, mother, etc. and other characters that don't seem to be rivals, past characters or Pokemon league staff that get introduced in Sun/Moon. The mother is OK, I like how she has a very hawaiian...
  9. Nicolas721

    Luminose City Arc/Plot Speculation

    Aside of the Clemont gym battle, and possibly Serena's hairstyle and the encounter with the Treecko trainer there is something that will happen in Luminose City, as seen in the Opening... There are a number of people (including Prof. Sycamore) watching the Prism Tower, while a Pokeball rain...
  10. Nicolas721

    Will you buy Pokémon bank for ORAS?

    Back in february, I think most of us just used the free trial of Pokemon bank when it was released, because the chances of getting a new main series game in 2014 were slim. But now, a new game is coming, and there are plenty of motives for buying Pokemon Bank. So, will you do it? Or you prefer...
  11. Nicolas721

    Help me, before DS WI-FI goes down

    Hi, I hope someone could help me to get this Pokemon, before DS wi-fi goes down so I can complete the regional Pokedexes. Gen IV -Chimchar -Piplup -Cranidos -Shieldon -Glameow -Stunky -Totodile -Weedle -Vulpix -Meowth -Charmander -Squirtle -Kabuto Gen V -Heracross -Spoink...
  12. Nicolas721

    Hola amigos

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!. My name is Nicolas and I am from Colombia. I like the anime, my favorite sagas in order are OS,AG,BW and DP. The games I own are Emerald, Platium, HeartGold, Explorers of sky, White 2, X and Y. I visit the Anime section very often, since september 2011, and I know how most...