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  1. Misty

    Happy birthday, #bulbagarden

    #bulbagarden (the chat) is officially ten years old today. I started it in early March of 2005 - sadly, the exact day is lost to time - so I thought I'd make a note here. I don't really have any impressive speeches or anything, but I would like to say thanks to all the people who have...
  2. Misty

    Arcade cleanup

    I was bored, so I went through and cleaned up the arcade high scores. I dealt with two issues: 1) For some reason, sometimes people had their score duplicated (like one dude had his score repeated 200 times). I removed all but one of these scores. 2) Some people had multiple different scores...
  3. Misty

    Ben Bernanke confirmed for second term

    Looks like Bernanke was too big to fail. :B (I didn't make that joke up, I wish I had). After all the storm und drang, the confirmation was 70-30, easily breaking a filibuster (the cloture vote was 77-23). Here's a graphical interface showing how the senators voted...
  4. Misty

    How many countries can you name?

    http://www.sporcle.com/games/world.php I got 126/195.
  5. Misty

    And now for something completely different: Grant Bosse runs for Congress!

    ... in a non-existent district. http://www.nowhampshire.com/2009/11/20/bosse-enters-race-for-gop-nod-in-new-hampshire%E2%80%99s-satirical-00th-district/ Republican activist and free market think-tanker Grant Bosse formally declared his candidacy today in New Hampshire’s 00th Congressional...
  6. Misty

    USA Election Night 2009

    Bob McDonnell has been declared WINNAR, as expected.
  7. Misty

    Vaclav Klaus signs Lisbon Treaty, making it official

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091103/ap_on_re_eu/eu_czech_eu_treaty A year from now, there will be a president of Europe.
  8. Misty

    Screw the rules, I have money >:(

    This is the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged topic. Because 43 and 44 are out, and they're amazing. http://www.youtube.com/user/CardGamesFTW
  9. Misty

    What ingame team will you use?

    Okay, I don't see a topic for this, but if there is (recently), feel free to tell me x) Anyway, this topic is to list what Pokemon team you're going to use for the storyline. I plan to use Meganium, Heracross, and Miltank - mainly because I've never used those Pokemon in a GS playthrough. x)
  10. Misty

    Vermont legalized gay marriage

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090407/ap_on_re_us/gay_marriage_vermont Vermont has become the first state to legalize gay marriage legislatively, despite the governor's attempt to block it. I think this is truly a great day for gay rights.
  11. Misty

    two articles about Japan

    i dunno how much you guys care about actual japanese politics - admittedly, they're quite dull - but these caught my eye and i thought some may find them interesting. http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/04/03/japan_projects_cute_power_abroad...
  12. Misty

    Obama considers allowing GM/Chrysler to go bankrupt; Wall Street has a heart attack

    Apparently the White House has decided that GM and Chrysler haven't "done enough" to ensure future profitability, and is considering permitting them to go bankrupt. In the case of Chrysler, they may just let it die; GM may be luckier. Naturally, Wall Street, which has become addicted to...
  13. Misty

    Jim Bunning is the most hilarious person on Earth

    For those of you who don't follow politics, Jim Bunning is a senator from Kentucky. He was elected in 1998 with his highest credentials being that he was a Hall of Fame ballplayer. He turned out to be one of the worst senators in the world, but was re-elected in 2004 thanks to Bush's coattails...
  14. Misty

    Bulbapedia is off until further notice

    We've been having server problems related to a conflict with Bulbapedia and the forums, and we've turned off Bulbapedia until they're resolved. This will hopefully be short.
  15. Misty

    Bulbapedia mentioned in a paper written by a student at Stanford

    http://www.stanford.edu/~tsaic/Game%20Studies%20-%20Metagaming/Mind%20over%20Matter%20-%20Metagaming%20FINAL.pdf Yes, I'm serious. Open it and look if you don't believe me. :O
  16. Misty

    Are you smarter than a (American) politician?

    http://www.americancivicliteracy.org/resources/quiz.aspx Apparently, the average score for an American on this test is 49%. Even scarier, the average for politicians is 44%. How well will Bulbagarden do? Score: 88% (4 wrong) Age: 22 Country: US
  17. Misty

    i had a random thought

    i was using bulbapedia, and i noticed that, at the bottom, there is a really cool box that links all the other parts of bulbagarden. I was thinking how helpful it might be to have that box further up on the page and more accessible.
  18. Misty

    US-Iraq deal: All US troops out by 2011?

  19. Misty

    Oil prices hit bear market territory

    Oil dropped to less than $117 a barrel thanks to a strengthening US dollar. That means it has dropped 20% in the last month - the technical definition of a bear market (by contrast, oil rose by 200% in the previous year). Oil has been dropping precipitously for the last month since reaching a...
  20. Misty

    Russia and Georgia (the country) at war

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080808/ap_on_re_eu/georgia_south_ossetia;_ylt=AnI5Ethsfpp8oQzMMY7oMXKs0NUE This is frankly pretty frightening.