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  1. Akira Bond

    Who would play Red and Blue in a potential live action film based on Gen I?

    I'm sure we are all well aware of 'rumours' that Live action Red and Blue films are either currently in development or will be potentially made if Detective Pikachu performs well. My question is, what cast members would you like to see play roles in a live action Red and Blue film if it is ever...
  2. Akira Bond

    LGPE Evolve Haunter

    I need assistance from someone in order to evolve Haunter, by means of trading/trading back. I'll appreciate any help given.
  3. Akira Bond

    A question for the gaming/programming savvy

    I have seen a few people on social media whining about how lazy Niantic are for not allowing Pokémon to be sent back to GO from Let's GO. My question is, is it as simple as these random people with no programming or coding knowledge claim it is? How difficult would it be to update Pokémon GO so...
  4. Akira Bond

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (AU)

    Are there any Australian hunters here? I'm looking to start hunting with others. I'm still new to the game, currently only HR 2.
  5. Akira Bond

    GEN VII: Zekrom - Adamant - Premier ball

    A little specific, but I'm searching for a Zekrom that has an adamant nature, and is captured in a premier ball. If anyone has one that they are willing to trade, then let me know what you're looking for in return. I am able to trade shiny Pokémon, legendary/mythical Pokémon and perhaps some...
  6. Akira Bond

    GEN VII: The hunt for Stakataka

    I am in need of a Stakataka. I am willing to trade Blacephalon for it. I can also offer Shiny Floatzel, Shiny Yanmega or Shiny Hippowdon, if you prefer something different. If there is anything else you're looking for, feel free to ask.
  7. Akira Bond

    Pokemon GO update - New Hoenn Medal

    Has everyone updated their Pokemon GO app? I have noticed 2 new medals. The first, is a medal specifically for legendary raids. The second, and more interesting medal, is one for capturing Hoenn Pokemon. Is Niantic now preparing for Hoenn Pokemon to be released in the near future? Discuss.
  8. Akira Bond

    GEN VII: The search for HA Cubone

    I am currently looking for a HA Cubone, in order to breed it to get a HA Cubone with great IVs, that I plan on using in Ultra Sun. Post what you would like in exchange.
  9. Akira Bond

    New to the TCG

    Today, I have started collecting Pokémon cards for the first time in approximately 13 years. The last time I collected Pokémon cards were back in the Ruby and Sapphire era. I started my collection by pre ordering the Burning Shadows booster box, as well as the Burning Shadows elite trainer box...
  10. Akira Bond

    Pokémon - The second Generation.

    Over 80 Pokémon from Generation II will be added to Pokémon GO later this week. Discuss.
  11. Akira Bond

    Unexplained Espeon Moveset.

    I'm not sure where I should create this thread, however, since I first noticed this only just now on Pokemon Sun, I figured I'd post it here. At some point (My guess is after Espeon went from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Sun), my Espeon's current moveset has completely changed. It is supposed to...
  12. Akira Bond

    GEN VII: The search for SM Pokemon

    Now that bank is compatible with Sun and Moon, I now have quite a lot I can offer. I am still in need of Lunara, Cosmog/Cosmoem, Pheromosa, Celesteela and Type: Null/Silvally. I can offer Buzzwole and Kartana for the needed Ultra beasts, and I can also trade any of the 20th Anniversary Mythical...
  13. Akira Bond

    Seeking Rowlet

    I can offer Litten, Poplio, or the Sun exclusive Pokémon in return. If you prefer anything else, feel free to ask.
  14. Akira Bond

    GEN VII: Currently seeking Oranguru and Drampa

    I am currently seeking Oranguru and Drampa, in order to achieve the completion of the Pokédex. In return, I can offer any sun exclusive Pokémon that may be needed. If there is anything else you need, feel free to ask.
  15. Akira Bond

    How are you currently finding the game?

    I've just finished downloading the app. My character name is AkiraBond. The customisation so far seems pretty limited (for the Male atlas), I am hoping that we can unlock more customisation options as we progress the game. I have currently captured a Charmander, Doduo and Rattata, without...
  16. Akira Bond

    GEN VI: Looking for a female Eevee

    I am in need of a female Eevee, that has been captured in a Premier Ball, and has her hidden ability. Neither the Blue Pentagon symbol or her IVs matter, as I'll be using this Eevee to breed with my current Espeon in order to obtain the IVs. If you have what I'm currently seeking, tell me what...
  17. Akira Bond

    GEN VI: Australian Mew codes

    I have 2 Australian Mew codes that I have spare from the February distribution that I'm willing to trade to anyone that is able to use these codes. The Pokémon that I'm looking for in return include other Mew events, Pikachu events, Shiny Pokémon, or any Vivillon pattern that I'm missing...
  18. Akira Bond

    GEN VI: FT: Australian Hoopa + 2 Mew codes

    I am offering an extra Australian Hoopa code as well as 2 Australian Mew codes that I have received. The Pokémon that I am looking for include: - PokePark Mew - Nintendo of Korea Mew - event Pikachu (excluding Poketopia Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu) - Shiny Pokémon
  19. Akira Bond

    Unable to post in the offers trading section

    I am currently unable to post in the offers section of the trading forums. It says I have 'insufficient privileges', and I do not understand what this means exactly or how to gain privileges if I'm supposed to. I am able to post in the wanted section of the thread. Is someone able to let me...
  20. Akira Bond

    GEN VI: Female Metagross in Premier Ball

    I am looking for a female Beldum/Metang/Metagross that has been captured in a premier ball. Decent IVs and Adamant nature would be a bonus, however, not necessary. If you have what I'm looking for, let me know what you're wanting in return.