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    GoldenMuk Art

    Hey! So, first off, thanks for at least looking at my art thread. Here I'm going to be posting any Pokemon art I do. This is a blatant and vain attempt to raise awareness of my art, because really, what kind of artist doesn't want to show off? All of the art here (and much more from other...
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    Sprite shop of the Golden Muk!

    Gday everypeople! Im kinda bored so I thought I would set up a shop thread. I do recolours and splices, though I will try other things if you ask nicely. Heres a couple of examples of my work. So get your requests in! I upload my work at the end of every day. Thankyou...
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    Spritework of the Golden Muk

    Hey everyone. I've only started making sprites in the last week or so and I was hoping for some feedback? let me know what you think! Thanks. And a few re-colours...