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    Oshawott's Legendary/Shiny/Event Trade Shop

    Hi. I have SO many Pokemon that I think you guys would like. So, I have: Legendary: Zekrom Lv. 75 Lonely Reshiram Lv. 75 Mild Kyurem lv. 76 Jolly Ho-Oh lv. 71 Docile Lugia lv. 61 Gentle Kyogre lv. 71 Quirky Groudon lv. 50 Naughty Rayquazza lv. 79 Hasty Moltres Lv. 50 Adament Zapdos Lv. 50...
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    FT: Vivillon: New Stock always coming In!

    Hi everybody. I have several Vivillon that I want to trade to you guys. So, I have: I would like legends or shinies in return. Have fun, and go get them Vivillon!!!!!
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    FT: HA Eevee's

    Hi. I have several HA Eevees that I would like to trade. I will listen to any offer. Just offer away.
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    Hi. I happen to have a legit Mewtwo from HG/SS and I would be willing to trade it. Here are it's stats: Nickname: Twoy Moves: Ice Beam, Psychic, Energy Ball, and Power Swap. Ability: Pressure Nature: Hasty Level: 71 Pokeball: Dusk Ball Item: None HP: 238 Attack: 176 Defence: 135 Sp. Atk: 240...