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    How to get an animated avatar?

    I'd like an animated avatar, but when I uploaded this (http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t255/xweirdlingx/GIFs/Pikachu.gif) as my own saved image into the avatar-changing box, it comes out as a static image of the first frame in the gif. I didn't think it'd work in the first place since it's...
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    BULBAPEDIA: How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?

    There's probably a thread/sticky/post explaining this, but don't yell at me that there is, because I searched for 10 minutes for it and found nothing even remotely similar. So, I did the newbie thing to do and simply made a thread about it. So, could someone do me a big favor and tell me how to...
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    List of Isshu Pokémon (with artwork)

    I compiled this list of all the Generation V Pokémon. It includes their name in Japanese, number, and the highest-quality official artwork (if it is not yet available, then the highest-quality game sprites are provided), and all the individual Pokémon's different forms and genders*. Sorry...