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  1. Gengarzilla

    EVERYONE: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Azure Rescuers (Chapter 15 posted)
    Threadmarks: Introduction/Table of Contents

    Put yourself in their shoes, their minds, their bodies. Their new bodies. If you were to be turned into a Pokémon and abruptly torn away from everything you know and love, to be dumped in some strange new world with no memories and no directions... could you fare any better than they? An old...
  2. Gengarzilla

    Long time no see, Bulbagarden?!

    I don't precisely remember how long it's been since I last dropped by, but it was definitely quite a few months ago so I thought I should drop by here. Just lemme shake off some rust. So, yeah. The name's Gengarzilla and I'm a rather normal user with no positions of power in this forum. Since I...
  3. Gengarzilla

    GEN VI: LF HA Durant

    Hi, I'm looking to trade for a Jolly Durant with Truant, to use within the Battle Maison. I want a minimum of two 31 IV's in the Attack and Speed stats. Gender doesn't matter. My FC is 1736-1638-0629 and I'm playing Omega Ruby.
  4. Gengarzilla

    Favourite Ultra Beast?

    First, I'm pretty surprised that this thread wasn't made earlier because the topic is something I've been wondering lately. Between the seven Ultra Beasts introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, which one of them do you like most? Which is your favourite? Mine is Kartana.
  5. Gengarzilla

    What new type combinations do you want to see?

    With some of the unique type pairings we've seen so far for Sun and Moon like the Electric/Psychic Alolan Raichu, Ice/Steel Alolan Sandslash, Ice/Fairy Alolan Ninetales, Bug/Fairy Cutiefly, and my personal favorite so far, Ghost/Fairy Mimikyu, I've been wondering what other new combinations of...
  6. Gengarzilla

    Contest Durant vs Heatmor

    And so, the second advent of the classic Seviper/Zangoose rivalry has been born, in the form of Durant, a Bug/Steel type, and Heatmor, a Fire type. Sure, the odds seem a bit against Durant in terms of typing but types aren't everything in Pokemon. Looking at their stats, Durant zooms by as...
  7. Gengarzilla

    Ash's Worst Pokémon?

    Just something that came out of the blue here, but anyway, who do you think is the lowest of the low out of every single one of Ash's Pokémon? Feel free to discuss, but keep to the rules.
  8. Gengarzilla

    Finally joining up.

    I joined Bulbapedia well over a year ago and have finally decided to take the plunge and join the forums. I'm Gengarzilla and it's good to be here.