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Search results

  1. Enzap

    Bulbagarden Staff AMA Thread

    The nice thing about it is that you can invest however much or as little time as you want or can afford. Some people are basically always active, some people have bursts of activity over a few days or weeks and then periods with little activity, and some check in once every couple days and take...
  2. Enzap

    Bulbagarden Staff AMA Thread

    As takoyaki said, we don't have a minimum age requirement or anything to join staff outside of the 13 years you need to make an account. We did just run a staff drive recently, so it's unlikely we'll be looking to recruit any new mods in the near future. However, that doesn't mean you can't...
  3. Enzap

    The Former Student Thread (Experiences? Opinions? Advice?)

    I went to public school through 12th grade in a pretty rural community, then went to a small liberal arts college where I majored in Biology and minored in Educational Studies. My education experience was overall positive, there's not much I would do different now. I do have what I assume is a...
  4. Enzap

    Rules Bulbagarden Forum Rules (Last Updated April 13th, 2022)

    So I can't claim to be an expert on the shipping community, but I do know it has a long, long history and a lot of the ships you're talking about have existed in the community for years if not decades. I personally believe shipping doesn't have to be romantic or sexual in nature, so if somebody...
  5. Enzap

    The Conversational Spanish Thread! ~ El Hilo de Conversación en Español

    "Proque" fue un typo XD ¡Gracias por las correcciones!
  6. Enzap

    The Conversational Spanish Thread! ~ El Hilo de Conversación en Español

    Oh, creo que tienes razon. No uso esa forma a menudo. Ohhhhh, aprendí una palabra nueva hoy. ¡Gracias!
  7. Enzap

    The Conversational Spanish Thread! ~ El Hilo de Conversación en Español

    ¡Hola! He estado aprender español por ~tres años. No puedo hablar o escuchar bien todavía, pero practico cada día. Yo acabo de completar día 800 de mi racha en Duolingo. Quiero poder hablar con los hispanoblantes en mi comunidad proque muchas personas en mi ciudad solo hablan español. Por favor...
  8. Enzap

    Guess what food the user above likes

    Do you like hot fudge sundaes
  9. Enzap

    Random Messages 16: Who’s on First?

    I'm in the minority but I prefer the OG Raichu. Something about Alolan's ears look weird to me. I also prefer Kantonian's color a bit better.
  10. Enzap

    Random Messages 16: Who’s on First?

    It's a surfer dude
  11. Enzap

    Ask the poster below a question

    Oh geez. Really any dish from the show Food Wars. If you could spend a day as an animal, what animal would it be?
  12. Enzap

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for repping an illegally cute pokemon
  13. Enzap

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Known for hating on my avatar >:0
  14. Enzap

    Type the above Pokemon's name without looking at your keyboard!

    Hariyama Exeggutor
  15. Enzap

    Guess the Next User to Post V2

    Mayyyyyybe Archaic
  16. Enzap

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    9/10 Mega Absol is cool and that's gorgeous art of it!
  17. Enzap

    Random Messages 16: Who’s on First?

    Are you sure :unsure:
  18. Enzap

    How Well Do The Above User And Their Title Go Together?

    1/10 I see no warning signs from this user whatsoever :P
  19. Enzap

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    8/10 Nice art!
  20. Enzap

    Random Messages 16: Who’s on First?

    the heck is a duck