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  1. A Wild Luxray

    The End of Pokemon Journeys Predictions

    As the trailer today confirmed, we have reached the climax of this series. Its now likely that Pokemon Journeys will not continue into Gen IX. I wanted to create a general thread dedicated to your final predictions for the end of this series. So here, discuss what you think will ultimately...
  2. A Wild Luxray

    Worst Loss In The Pokemon Anime?

    In any given competition, there's always gonna be a winner and a loser. Sometimes you might see scenarios where both parties end up in a draw, but in most cases, you'll have a winner and a loser. This topic is dedicated to those losses in the Pokemon anime. Not just any loss though. Its losses...
  3. A Wild Luxray

    What's The Deal With Showing Player Characters?

    In most Ash-free anime shorts not tied to promotional material like the BW2 and ORAS anime trailers, one thing has remained questionably consistent. When it comes to the playable characters, unless your name is Red, they're constantly hidden from the audience in some form. Generations hid most...
  4. A Wild Luxray

    Missing Pokemon Journey RP's

    You know, I really do miss Pokemon Journey RP's. Its been so long since I've managed to get through one, though I've always had trouble committing to it. I want to give it a try again sometime, though part of me wonders if I might have an easier time with it running one through a Discord server...
  5. A Wild Luxray

    QoL Improvements

    When looking at the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sight, there is a statement on the site that reads as such: "These remakes include easy-to-understand, player-friendly conveniences of the modern Pokémon series, plus up-close-and-personal Pokémon battle scenes." It appears as if the...
  6. A Wild Luxray

    Should Pokemon Go Have Been Represented?

    Pokemon Journeys is a series like none other and it is the first series to represent the mobile app Pokemon Go. Its representation comes in the form of its controversial co-protagonist, Goh. The representation is very clear, from the character name all the way down to Pomemon Go's capture...
  7. A Wild Luxray

    Nintendo 2021 Predictions

    With 2021 hours away from beginning, I thought I'd go ahead and give my somewhat realistic hopes for Nintendo's 2021. 2020 has been a pretty mediocre year for Nintnedo, probably the worst in the Switch's lifecycle. We have had a pandemic going on that has delayed some games which will likely be...
  8. A Wild Luxray

    Would You Have Preferred Pokemon: Sword and Shield The Series Over Journeys?

    Since Sun and Moon, the Pokemon anime has begun to break the traditional formula in many ways. Pokemon Journeys breaks the formula entirely by opting to focus on a story spread across all regions with elements of Pokemon Go rather than the current generation alone. Would you have preferred to...
  9. A Wild Luxray

    Does Pokemon Journeys Have A Balance Issue?

    Recently, a big discussion topic has been whether Pokemon Journeys has a big issue balancing its two protagonists. Like Diamond and Pearl, this series treats one of Ash's companions as a co-protagonist, or in this case, Ash's only companion. Recently, people have been questioning whether this...
  10. A Wild Luxray

    Worst Max Raid NPC Partners

    Max Raids alone can be very difficult when you get NPC Pokemon who aren't very helpful. Unfortunately, there are a few who the game will randomly pair you with, often screwing you over in the process. Which NPC partners are the worst?
  11. A Wild Luxray

    Review The Sun and Moon Series Review Thread

    After 3 years and SM146 is behind us, Ash has given his final farewells to his classmates and parent figures. Ash is on his way home now, leaving Alola with the honor of being the first Alolan Champion. The Sun and Moon series is officially over. Now that we've reached the end, what do you have...
  12. A Wild Luxray

    Sun and Moon: The Final Stretch

    Starting next week, we will officially be in the Alola League, and that means the end is near. We are just under 21 weeks away from the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, with the Sword and Shield series likely starting the first Sunday after the games come out. This leaves us with a few...
  13. A Wild Luxray

    Does It Feel Like Ash Loses More In SM?

    One thing I have noticed as we've gone through over 100 episodes of the Sun and Moon series is that Ash seems to lose a lot more, unfortunately. This especially seems to apply to battles outside of major battles he has to win due to plot armor, those being Totem Pokemon and the Island Kahunas...
  14. A Wild Luxray

    The Pokemon Anime: Slice of Life vs Action-Adventure

    The Sun and Moon series is a huge contrast to previous series, especially the XY(Z) series. In the past, series focused on Ash and his friends as they traveled the region, helped out random CotD’s, trained their Pokemon, and competed in leagues. Ash and his companions will tackle every obstacle...
  15. A Wild Luxray

    Sign Ups Tales From Alola

    The Premise You and your friends are just about ready to graduate from the Melemele Trainer’s Academy. Final exams are finishing up and there’s only one thing on some of your minds: The Island Challenge. Trainers traditionally go through the four islands, completing each trial that awaits...
  16. A Wild Luxray

    Worst Examples of Dub Music Replacement

    We all know the TPCI is infamous for replacing 95% of the original music with typically boring and generic sounding tracks that do not fit the scene. It can be anything, from instrumentals of the Japanese opening themes, to original anime music such as "To Be Continued", or actual in game music...
  17. A Wild Luxray

    The Battle Agency

    I don't think I've seen a thread for this yet, but what what are your thoughts about the Battle Agency? Is it any easier to play through than the Battle Tree, and can we get a chance to face trainers like Champion Cynthia, Wally, or Grimsley?
  18. A Wild Luxray

    Guzma's Redemption?

    The new trailer has a rather interesting quote from ya boy Guzma. He says "Maybe when you bring out the best in others, it helps you find the best in yourself, too, huh?" It almost seems as if he's working alongside us. As we know, at the end of Sun and Moon, he disbands Team Skull and he is...
  19. A Wild Luxray

    Battle Tree Difficulty Spike?

    So we all know the Battle Tree is this generation's battle facility and here we can get the chance to face trainers such as Wally, Colress, and the queen herself, Champion Cynthia. Do you think that the Battle Tree has a bit of an unfair and extreme difficulty spike though for players?
  20. A Wild Luxray

    Hurt or Heal: Pokemon Starters Edition!

    I wanted to start up a game here for once! I don't know if its been done here, but its called Hurt or Heal: Pokemon Starters Edition! The goal is simple. You are trying to help your favorite Pokemon starters win, by hurting the others and healing your picks. In order to play this game, I have a...