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Search results

  1. Artuditwo

    Un/promote the user above

    Hi! This game is similar to the ''ban the user above'' but insted of banning you have to think a reson to PROMOTE (make mod, admin or anything, etc) or UNPROMOTE (the opposite), they don't need to be mod/admin/whatever to be unprometed. Have fun! None of this is real. @Artuditwo
  2. Artuditwo

    Guess the favourite type of the user below you!

    Hi! So this game is pretty self explanatory, it would go something like this: Have fun! I'll start: GRASS?
  3. Artuditwo

    *Artuditwo's art shop ^w^*

    Welcome everyone to Artuditwo's art shop!:bulbaLove: This is a pfp shop, and I could also do some banners! (but I would consider Rainbow Cloud's banner shop for banners) (The pfp are gonna be the style of these, they are gonna be 500x500) Rules: credit would be aprecciated There will be 3...
  4. Artuditwo


    Hi! I thought that I would make a poll about ''two cute flying bugs'' counterparts! Tell in the comments your vote/reason! Thx for voting! :bulbaLove: and
  5. Artuditwo

    What is your favourite Sawsbuck form? (poll)
    Informational: Social experiment

    Tell us (if u want) ur fav in the comments!
  6. Artuditwo

    I'm new! What is your opinion on Cinccino?

    Good day! This is my first post, I wanted to find out what people think on my fav poke: Minccino! Pls tell, thx!