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Search results

  1. Sheep

    Avatar and Signature Check Thread

    Hi everyone! In order to consolidate the number of pinned threads here in Garden Grotto we've decided to do a bit of rework to make the forum look more pleasant and less overwhelming. One of the changes we'll be making to help declutter things is combine the avatar and signature check threads...
  2. Sheep

    Index - Dub Review Threads

    Hi everyone! Below you'll find review thread links for dubbed episodes of the current saga. Since Netflix releases episodes in bulk and pinning them individually for each batch would severely clutter the pinned threads list, we've decided to make a masterthread encompassing each episode review...
  3. Sheep

    Notice A ghost has floated into Pokémon Anime and Manga!

    Hi everyone! You may have noticed a new moderator listed in our corner of the forum. We've been looking for some more help here in A&M for a little while and recently brought someone very deserving aboard :bulbaLove: I'd like to welcome @Ghost Diplocaulus to the Pokémon Anime and Manga staff...
  4. Sheep

    What was your first WiFi/Mystery Gift Pokémon?

    Do you remember? I think mine was Victini in BW, using my not-very-reliable Nintendo WiFi connector because I didn't have WiFi at the time \o/ lol
  5. Sheep

    Does anyone else associate some Pokémon with certain moves?

    in rse every time I see pelipper I think of protect, same with meditite and detect... it's pretty much impossible to separate them for me, with how often they used those moves against me when I replayed the hoenn games as a kid @[email protected] anyone else have these types of Pokémon/move connections?
  6. Sheep

    Does anyone else miss sprites?

    Sprites seem much more vibrant to me, and imo many mons looked great in them. Sometimes I think about how much I miss them ╥﹏╥ Does anyone else here miss when the main series games were sprite-based? Or do you prefer 3D models?
  7. Sheep

    What's your favorite movie?

    There are currently 22 movies, with M23: Koko on its way later this year. Which one did you like most? Feel free to give your top 3 favorite movies if you prefer to be a little more specific in rankings. Have you watched all of the movies?
  8. Sheep

    How long have you been watching the anime?

    Good topic to discuss while waiting for new episodes. (b' ')b How long have you guys been watching the Pokémon anime? Which series did you start with? Have you taken any breaks watching any time in between, or were you consistent watching since you started?
  9. Sheep

    Do you name your boxes?

    I usually stick with the default, but for boxes with shiny mons I often rename them to "Shinies" so I can find them easily! Are you someone who labels your boxes consistently, or maybe only in certain cases like me? Or do you not rename them at all?
  10. Sheep

    What would you rate Journeys/PM 2019 so far on a scale of 1-10?

    We're quite a few episodes into the series now, and many people have already formed solid opinions on it. What would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? Why did you give it that rating? Please mark spoilers accordingly!
  11. Sheep

    What languages have you experienced Pokémon in?

    though a lot of us have just experienced the franchise in English, Pokémon is available in many different languages. have you experienced any parts of the franchise in different languages? this can be playing the games in Spanish, watching the Japanese anime, reading the manga in Italian, and so...
  12. Sheep

    Do you care what Poké Balls you catch Pokémon with?

    some of us care, some of us don't. I personally am quite picky about what balls I catch Pokémon with if I'm planning on using them on my team longterm so I want them to match or look good, while my partner mostly could care less. what about you guys?
  13. Sheep

    Has your favorite Pokémon changed over time?

    is your first favorite Pokémon the same as now? how has/have your favorites changed over time? pretty sure pikachu was a favorite of mine way long ago and even though I still like it a lot, there are others I like more. it's especially hard when each generation introduces new mons I like a lot...
  14. Sheep

    pick a house

    pulled this from a twitter post a few months ago! which house would you pick? :enzap:
  15. Sheep

    Can you name every Pokémon?

    if shown pictures of every single pokémon, would you be able to name them? which ones, if any, would give you trouble? bonus: would you be able to spell every mon's name (in your preferred language)?
  16. Sheep

    sheepy arts (updated 14 january)

    hi! my name is janna/sheep and I love drawing cute pokémon. my favorite things are pastels and blushy cheeks. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ images are in spoiler tags due to size! let me know what you think, thank you. <3 tools of the trade: ipad pro (12.9-inch), apple pencil, procreate app -- shiny teddiursa and...
  17. Sheep

    Pikachu, the mascot Pokémon

    we all know Pikachu as the series mascot - a lot of people think it's cute! but what about you guys? like it or no? do you think it's a good mascot for the series, or would you change it to something else?
  18. Sheep

    You're transported into the last pokémon game you played..

    ..which starter pokémon from that game is your starter and which town/city is your hometown? are you happy you ended up here?
  19. Sheep

    Favorite fire/fighting starter

    There are three of these guys at the moment! Which is your favorite? Have you used any on your team?
  20. Sheep

    Bulbapedia Some images broken

    I've had a persistent issue (several years now, and several laptops later) where around 1/7 of images on the wiki are broken. Example from the Dream World artwork page below: I've disabled all of my extensions including AdBlock, which I originally thought was the culprit, and pages still look...