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Search results

  1. SpinyShell

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    And the sound played sounds very similar to the chime that plays when you hit select on the title screen of Diamond and Pearl.
  2. SpinyShell

    Contest Poké Balls vs Great Balls vs Ultra Balls

    Ultra Balls have the best appearance and animation out of the three in my opinion.
  3. SpinyShell

    Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

    8/10 I will admit that I find it disappointing that Lanturn doesn’t have its pre-evo’s unique eyes or double lure, but I do find it cute. Morelull?
  4. SpinyShell

    Game: Tell us what you think about the animal above...

    Very beautiful birds. I've seen a couple males around my house, and depending on the angle you'd see them, their throats were either blue or purple. Mountain quail.
  5. SpinyShell

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    How much of a role does Bonebeard play in the story? Is he aware and involved in Captain Sam’s quest, pulling the strings behind the scene, for example?
  6. SpinyShell

    Contest Bidoof vs. Rattata

    I like rats, but Rattata and Raticate just don’t do it for me, so I’ll have to go with Bidoof.
  7. SpinyShell

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl giveaway

    Sinnoh has a lot of great Pokémon like Gastrodon, Porygon-Z, Luxray, Vespiquen, etc., but I think the one that stands the most out to me is Garchomp. I'm a sucker for sleek, monstrous Pokémon as well as fast offensive attackers (granted I haven't really used Garchomp that much, but it does fit...
  8. SpinyShell

    Hisuian Forms and Evolutions Discussion

    Geebraprint made a thread on this: Will the starters get Hisuian forms? As neat as I think it would be, I don't think either the Sinnoh or Hisuian starters will get Hisuian forms, especially the Sinnoh ones, unfortunately.
  9. SpinyShell

    What's your least favorite Pokeball?

    Probably the Heavy Ball. I really like its design and color scheme, as well as its gen 7/8 animations. Runnerups include the Moon Ball and Dive Ball. I misread the title. As for my least favorite, it would probably be either the regular Pokéball, Great Ball, or Repeat Ball. The former are the...
  10. SpinyShell

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    This is totally tangential, but it seems like sprites are being phased out. Menu icons in BDSP and item icons in Legends aren’t sprites like in previous generations, which makes me a bit sad since A) sprites are easier to edit and build upon in my opinion, and B) I feel like sprites added a nice...
  11. SpinyShell

    Game: Tell us what you think about the animal above...

    Assassin bugs are pretty interesting on their own, but the fact that this species' nymphs cover themselves with the corpses of their enemies makes them much more interesting. Acrocanthosaurus
  12. SpinyShell

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I don’t think that’s an indicator of size difference, it just seems like the player is at a different position that is further than the player in the bottom screenshot. From the images of wild Pokémon shown together, members of the same species look to be the same size.
  13. SpinyShell

    Will the starters get Hisuian forms?

    I don't see the Sinnoh starters getting Hisuian forms because they and their evolutions are sort of the face, so to speak, of Sinnoh. I feel like giving their evolutions would sort of diminish that. If they do get anything, I imagine it would be Megas, and mostly likely from BDSP. And, while I...
  14. SpinyShell

    Contest Giratina Origin Forme vs. Giratina Altered Forme

    I really like the wings on the Altered form and the fact that it has six legs. A bit overdesigned, sure, but I think it makes the Pokémon look really cool overall. My biggest gripe is that the Altered form is less offensive than the Origin form.
  15. SpinyShell

    Contest Vulpix vs. Growlithe

    This is based on only the base forms because Hisuian Growlithe's evolution hasn't been shown. Overall, Hisuian Growlith wins out because I really like its design, more than regular Growlithe (better coloration and fur shape in my opinion, plus dual-typing) and both Vulpix forms. Kanto Vulpix <...