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    Movies/TV Netflix's "The Toys That Made Us" Series

    Considering it's the holiday season, I figured I'd share with you the Netflix original streaming documentary series "The Toys that Made Us". It discusses the various toy franchises in history. The lines covered in it are Star Wars, Barbie, He Man, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers, Lego, Hello...
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    Ash with a Houndour/Houndoom

    If anyone recalls back in Johto, Ash and his friends encountered a Houndour and it grew to respect Ash. One wonders how great of an addition it would have made to Ash's team if it had decided to join him. I can also imagine Houndour being somewhat of a guard dog so to speak for Ash and the...
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    Characters dressed in decade specific attire.

    If I recall from "Pokemon Fashion Flash" When the TRio lured Misty into a trap, they dressed her up in very flashy clothing and her hair in two side buns. When I saw that recently, it gave me the impression of a girl out of the 1980s. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the impression I got. But this got...
  4. O

    The TRio's disregard for the Rocket Grunt uniforms.

    You know my disregard for Jessie, James, and Meowth. To further elaborate on this, let's discuss the TRio's dislike of the usual black Team Rocket grunt uniforms. If anyone recalls, during the Lugia saga in Johto, The TRio had to disguise themselves as actual Rocket grunts. Jessie expressed...
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    Suppose Ash kept his Primeape

    I always felt that Ash giving up his Primeape to Anthony at the end of the fighting tournament was a relatively bad idea. Ash had only had his Primeape for a relatively short time before it started to obey him. Which leads me to question how things would have panned out for him as a trainer had...
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    Should Ash train Jigglypuff?

    Throughout Kanto, The Orange Islands, Johto, and part of Hoenn, Ash and his friends had been followed around by a Jigglypuff that they helped regain it's voice. So I was thinking, If Ash has been encountering Jigglypuff for quite some time, how would it be if Ash wound up catching Jigglypuff...
  7. O

    Pokemon relationships with other trainers and their Pokemon

    During the Battle of the Badge episode, one scene in particular really interested me. There was a scene in which Ash is frustrated about being behind Gary for so long. Misty and Brock are discussing how they should deal with Ash's low self esteem moment. Meanwhile, Togepi feels sorry for Ash and...
  8. O

    Will Madame Boss make any appearances in the current timeline?

    Several different incarnations of Pokemon have established that Team Rocket leader Giovanni has had a very stormy relationship with his mother who answers to the name of "Madame Boss". Madame Boss has even made an actual appearance in the anime. However it was in a flashback, and it didn't...
  9. O

    Pokemon Character Licence Plates

    Here's a fun thing we can do. You know how sometimes fictional characters have licence plates that reflect the personas of the characters. Well I was wondering what sort of licence plates the Pokemon anime characters would have for their cars. I've seen this done for other shows, so how about...
  10. O

    Has Paul ever gotten in trouble for his abuse of Pokemon?

    Pardon me if I haven't seen the D&P series yet, but I have heard and read about Paul and his behavior towards Ash as well as his own Pokemon. It has been established that Paul from Sinnoh has been nothing short of a complete asshole. One thing that truly establishes his jerkass persona is of...
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    Pokemon Character Accents

    Throughout the shows history, Ash has traveled throughout the Pokemon world and has met many different people and their Pokemon. And as you can see in the English dub, several COTD and recurring characters have distinguishable accents. Sometimes depending on their profession. Other times...
  12. O

    Pokemon Kids WB Crossover Promos

    I was thinking back to when Pokemon was on Kids WB, and I remember that they would often show promos of the show crossing over and interacting with characters from other Kids WB shows aired at the time, such as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Looney...
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    If you could give Ash an Eevee, What would it become?

    Ash has been to 6 regions throughout his travels, and a few of them have their own Eevee evolution stages. Yet Ash has not been given a SINGLE EEVEE once. A few of Ash's friends have had Eevee, Gary, May, and now Serena. I don't see anything wrong with Ash having at least one Eevee. Let's just...
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    Pokemon you would have wanted to see evolve?

    One of the key elements to becoming a successful Pokemon trainer is having their Pokemon reach their full potential. And of course the key is evolution. Unfortunately once again those in charge of the Pokemon Anime at times choose to deny this for marketing and/or reasons hard to understand...
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    TEEN: Can't Beat the Heat! DELETED SCENE

    Here is another short Pokémon fanfic. It can also be read here on the fanfiction website. It's another "deleted scene". This time it takes place during the Pokémon Master Quest episode "Can't Beat the Heat!" It takes place just after Ash had defeated Gary in their Silver Conference...
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    EVERYONE: Navel Maneuvers: DELETED SCENE

    I had just begun writing Pokémon fanfiction so I figured I would start off with a short one. I also posted it on the fanfiction website. but I just thought I would share with everyone here as well. This is an extra scene from the Orange Islands episode "Navel Maneuvers". It starts after...
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    What would life have been like had there never been an Ash Ketchum?

    Throughout the course of the series, Ash has made many friends and has traveled to many places. And it's pretty safe to say that Ash has had an impact on the lives of his family, friends, Pokemon, and even members of Team Rocket. However, I was wondering what life would have been like for...
  18. O

    A Possible Gary Oak vs Paul Feud

    A while ago, I did a blog about my problems with a lot of trolls and their overzealous praising of Gary. In the blog I made a brief mention that what would make Gary more sympathetic would be if by some way Gary would encounter Ash's other major rival in the anime: Paul, and a feud between...
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    Pokemon Ash should have had on his team

    Yet again, I take a jab at the Powers That Be of the Pokemon Anime, and their decisions to prevent Ash Ketchum from reaching his full potential of awesomeness, thus, making me question their psychological state. Another one to add to their LONG list of crimes against Ash is how they choose to...
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    What was Melvin's motivation for hypnotising Ash into being his servant?

    If anyone recalls from the "March of the Exeggutor Squad" The wannabe magician Melvin's Exeggcute used hypnosis on Ash. Yet, Melvin never ordered them to use hypnosis, but he still made Ash act like a total servant. He made Ash carry him out into the woods, and made him capture a whole bunch of...