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Search results

  1. Fiamette

    Preview JN105: Eievui and Nymphia! Encounters and Reunions!!

    Can confirm and agree, an old friend of mine aged a lot faster than the rest of us girls by 10-11 so it's not completely out of left field. And of course, finally! Serena's back! I can't wait to see how far she's gone in contests. A bit strange that we don't see May though, I've been hearing...
  2. Fiamette

    Review It'll Be Fine!

    Very cute! Reminds me of the time I started watching the JP version of Pokemon, DP had a lot more subbed episodes and I loved how cute and melancholic the "Surely Tomorrow" ending song was.
  3. Fiamette

    Review JN075: Cresselia - A Midsummer Night's Light

    Pretty good episode, loved the scenes between Dawn and Koharu. As much as I would have liked to see some more interaction between Ash and Dawn I don't care too much about what we got since Koharu and Dawn's interactions were pretty fun. Honestly felt like the episode would have been better if it...
  4. Fiamette

    Preview JN075: Cresselia - A Midsummer Night's Light

    It's either anime logic (as in ignores the games), she's not using it on Darkrai, or maybe it's a different move (like Moonblast) to attack TR.
  5. Fiamette

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    "Pokemon in the human world" Well, it's no wonder I felt like the Pokemon weren't as focused on in this series. This sounds like an interesting take on Pokemon but I feel like this should have been saved for another aspect of the franchise like a spin-off, short manga or what they're doing with...
  6. Fiamette

    Preview JN074: Darkrai - A Midsummer Night's Dream

    For sure thought they'd hold Dawn Hostage for a Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl promotion episode but I guess not! Maybe If what I saw was right, I guess maybe she'll preview the new contest costume design for the upcoming game then? I wonder if Koharu will end up taking the contest route with...
  7. Fiamette

    Review JN072: Shuffle Panic in the Underground Labyrinth!?

    "If it worked for Rhydon, I'm sure it'll work again!" Pikachu, probably.
  8. Fiamette

    Preview JN008: Don't Lose, Pochama! The Drift Ice Race in the Sinnoh Region!!

    I wonder if in future episodes (like WAY in the future) we'll get to see how the past companions are doing? Since it seems like Ash n' Go'll be going back and forth to each region, we may see the others again with or without the two. I hope so anyway.
  9. Fiamette

    Preview Detective Pikachu

    From what we've seen so far, I'm cautiously optimistic for this. The designs aren't all horrible either, needs getting used to though. At this rate, maybe we'll see more adaptations of Pokemon come out, like an Adventures/Special anime...
  10. Fiamette

    Why do fans like Serena so much?

    I didn't like Serena at first because of her pointless crush on Ash (I mean c'mon, we all knew it wouldn't go anywhere) and she was kind of boring me, but then that changed. Besides the shipping scenes, I loved seeing Serena's characterization throughout the series. I didn't expect her to be...
  11. Fiamette

    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    And the memories are flooding back... I'm so glad this isn't a hoax! Think we'll get a song from our dear old Jigglypuff?
  12. Fiamette

    Favourite female character?

    I really would have chosen Misty, but I'll have to go with Serena. I didn't really like her at first, but I grew to love her character and her team (despite it being so small). Sure they don't battle much but like Sir Cookie says, it's not like they're weak or anything. I still sincerely hope...
  13. Fiamette

    Why was Serena written out?

    Like Cresselia92 said, it's how it's always been after Misty. Though with all the popularity surrounding Serena, I like to think that they may be making a special for her about her Contest life.
  14. Fiamette

    Controversial opinions

    Let's see... Team Rocket is annoying. DP is totally overrated. Dawn is pretty uninteresting, since she barely changed from the start. Piplup's reason to not evolve was lame. Serena took too long to decide her goal. I would have liked to see Serena battle her rivals. Sun and Moon should've...
  15. Fiamette

    Music The Background Music Thread

    Serena's theme falls way behind May and Dawn's theme. Serena's song is so... Childishly Pop-y.
  16. Fiamette

    Which was the best series?

    DP and XY are tied, but I'd have to choose XY. When I was a kid, I always thought Dawn was kind of a girl-Ash because of her and Piplup (how they met and Piplup's refusal to evolve, which was really weird to me but I understand why now) and as a result I watched it less. But what I like...
  17. Fiamette

    Preview SM014: The Crystal of Courage, Lilie and Rokon!

    Well judging from the above picture, it's likely that the Vulpix will stay with Professor Oak's Alolan form, and make a few appearances here and there and since there are two Vulpix, they may form a friendship (or rivalry) together. Seriously, what's the point of giving an egg with the same...
  18. Fiamette

    Preview SM008: Who'll Be in Charge of the Egg?

    Well, he did lose against a beginner's Snivy before, even after all his experiences, so you can blame the writers. Then again since Ash is his trainer, he can be shown to being impulsive sometimes.
  19. Fiamette

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    "Too far in an anime" that constantly reboots itself in every new season? I hope the movie diverges from the season 1 plot, like actually showing Ash winning the league or catching new or more Pokemon. Something like that.
  20. Fiamette

    Preview SM008: Who'll Be in Charge of the Egg?

    I honestly forgot about the egg from the first episode (they never really talked about it again...). It'll probably be mentioned again in this episode, then be used as a plot for later.