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    Physically Disabled Trainers

    Do we know of any physically disabled trainers in Pokemon canon? Blind, deaf, wheelchair-bound? The only I can think of is that deaf trainer in Pokemon Live. And that brings about a further question: How do you go on a Pokemon journey if your body is hampered in some waY Are there alternative...
  2. E

    Split Screens

    I was watching Episode 0 of the latest Lupin III anime (It's a tribute episode to one of the voice actors retiring, hence the 0). At one point, two characters get into an argument with one another shown via split screen and Lupin tries break it quite literally by pushing away the two screens...
  3. E

    Pokemon as Pets

    Assuming you modified your house to account for elemental powers, which Pokemon would you keep as non-battle pets?
  4. E

    If Pokemon could speak

    If Ash's or his companion's Pokemon could speak, what would you think they would sound like? I don't mean in terms of their actual voice but rather what their dialogue would look like. For example, I like to think Sirfetch'd sounds like an honorable warrior whose verbose speeches are played for...
  5. E

    Misty's Togepi

    Did Misty ever actually capture Togepi? She was always holding the thing. Yeah, Ash's Pikachu is never in his Pokeball but it is established to exist. If I didn't know any better, I would say that Togepi is a wild Pokemon that stays with Misty due to the whole imprinting thing. Is there any...
  6. E

    Positive Aspects of Journeys

    This thread is about stuff you like about Journeys so far. Mine is the focus of characterization. We have learned a lot about Goh and Chloe over a short time. Each of Ash's Pokemon has a distinct personality and even Goh's multiple Pokemon kept at Cerise Park got a chance to shine in JN023...
  7. E

    Chloe as a Main Character

    As some fans have noticed, Chloe has gotten more attention in the past two episodes and the upcoming one as well. This has led to speculation that she may join Ash and Goh on their journies in the future. Let's say that this is indeed the case, even if she doesn't join Ash and Goh every single...
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    Anime/Japanese Culture references in the Pokemon Anime

    Anime has been known to put in references to other anime or just Japanese culture in general, be it subtle or obvious, and Pokemon is no different. In Kanto, they were all over the place because the creators had no idea it would reach a global audience. By Johto, they had lessened but still...
  9. E

    Go's Family (or lack thereof)

    So has Go mentioned anything about his family at all? In previous series, Ash had had companions where we saw their families and their dynamics, especially in Sun and Moon. The only ones I can think of where that wasn't the case was Tracy and Iris, the former because he was a quick (if...
  10. E

    Evolution in Anime

    The thread is basically how evolution is handled in anime. How it looks, when it is used etc. However, a scene from the first animated trailer of the 2019 anime got me thinking about one aspect of evolution I never really thought about before: How the Pokemon react to their evolutions. Now...
  11. E

    Script Writers

    This thread is for discussing the script writers of the anime both past and present. Who are your favorites? Do you notice any patterns in the episodes they write? Let me start of by saying that Junki Takegami seemed to love writing stories about familial strife. Brock in his debut, the Sabrina...
  12. E

    Ikue Otani's Pikachu

    In May 2006, Ikue Otani was on maternity leave. Due to this, characters from anime she worked on like One Piece had to get temporary actresses until she came back. That wasn't the case for Pikachu since had made enough recordings for them to reuse. I think that says a lot about the character...
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    Pokémon Battles that used the enviroment

    Most Pokemon battles in the anime take place in wide open spaces. This is not only reminiscent of the games but also a lot of other anime. However, there are times when battles take place in a more unique looking environment and the Pokemon use that to their advantage. Two examples I can think...
  14. E

    No AG head writer?

    I heard that during AG, there was no one credited as "series composition" or the head writer. So between the times of Takeshi Shudo quitting during Johto and Atsuhiro Tomioka taking over in DP, no one was telling these writers what to do (besides directors and producers)? That would certainly...
  15. E

    Kanto Gyms, XY Style

    How do you think the Kanto Gyms and their leaders would have been handled if they were done like the later gyms of BW and XY? You know what I mean. No pity badges, the gym leaders (main characters aside) will appear for more than one episode, etc.
  16. E


    For those wondering what Sakuga is, the short answer is "great animation". For the long answer, go here and here. That or ask JacobYBM. Anyway, this thread is for talking about the best animated scenes of the Pokemon anime and the key animators who draw them. Let me begin with the first two...
  17. E

    Multiple Animation Directors

    I've noticed something. Starting around the halfway point of XY, there have been multiple animation directors in almost every single episode, including the upcoming 6 episodes of SM. It used to be we only get one animation director for a single episode. Now there can be as many as 3 or even 4...
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    Nature of Main Pokemon Characters

    Which of the natures would you assign to Pokemon owned by a main character (and Meowth)?
  19. E

    Team Flare

    How do do you think Team Flair will be handled in the anime? So far, it looks like a "back to basic" approach with the team being interested in money. Maybe that means they will be more prominent than other non-Rocket teams. Who knows? Maybe Jessie and James will have a Cassidy and Butch like...
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    Funimation's Pokemon

    I notice that ever since J. Michael Tatum voiced Tobias, a noticeable amount of Funimation voice actors have come on to do Character of the Day roles for the dub. This leads me to a fun question. If the Pokemon dub was done entirely by Funimation, who would you like see play main or...