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Search results

  1. EmpoleonProd

    Fixing the Ice-type

    This post is generally centered around the Ice-type, but I do introduce some other notable changes I'd like to see with other types as well. The Ice-type, while great offensively, suffers from being a terrible type defensively and is often ranked by competitive players as one of the worst types...
  2. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation Johto Remake Discussion (Johto Confirmed?!)

    Now that Sinnoh confirmed memes have come to pass, let's not all start chanting "Unova confirmed" quite yet, because I think based on past trends, it's no great feat to predict Johto remakes next. With LGPE coming in between ORAS and BDSP, I think it's very possible we'll see Johto remade for a...
  3. EmpoleonProd

    They made it WAY too annoying to get Spiritomb early.

    I have two gym badges and I have 25 hours of playtime, mostly in the underground, which means I have an absurd amount of statues, I've been force-respawning the NPCs you need to talk to to get to the required 32 unique NPCs, I have 400 fossil digging sessions and 137 statue variants logged, I...
  4. EmpoleonProd

    Backwards Compatibility in Pokémon

    I never see this topic discussed and I think it warrants discussion, but why has Pokémon gone away from backwards compatibility? For those who might not remember, we had this in Gen 2. You could send Pokémon you actually caught in GSC back to RBY which was probably one of the best things about...
  5. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation How I Would Design Legends: Rayquaza

    I’m super hyped for Legends: Arceus as is but I’m just as hyped at the prospect of other games that could be made in the “Legends” style, I think an obvious region with a lot of lore to tackle is Hoenn. You have the weather trio lore as well as the sealing of the Regi trio to explore. I’d set...
  6. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation Making Gorochu a Real Pokemon

    Most of you probably know of the Pokemon cut from Gen 1 by now, the planned evolution to Raichu, Gorochu, it was cut for space and eventually replaced entirely with a pre-evolution to Pikachu instead of another stage after Raichu, with Pichu, and was revealed to the public around 2018, but I...
  7. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation Could we see the end of the 3-4 year generational cycle?

    With things like outsourced games (BDSP), prequels (LA), sub-series of the main series games (Let’s Go, Legends), and DLC (SwSh), could we see the definitions of a generation change? Over the years, things that were staples of a new generation (new gaming system, new sprites/models/graphics...
  8. EmpoleonProd

    What Pokemon will you be using in Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl?

    I guess it's that time, new remakes, new teams. What is everything thinking so far? I haven't thought much ahead besides knowing I'll start with Piplup. I was kinda banking on the Platinum Dex but there's no real indication if we're getting that or the base DP Dex.
  9. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation A Pokemon Game With All Regions

    People largely consider such a game to be a nearly impossible feat, mainly because of the development time involved and the perceived loss of money that would come over the long-term of not releasing yearly titles but I do think something along these lines COULD happen one day, but it isn't a...
  10. EmpoleonProd

    Canon Teams for (Almost) Every Player Character

    I've been toying with the idea of creating canon teams for every player character for years, but have taken it more seriously the last couple days as I've made lists for almost every PC over the past couple days. I've always been fascinated with the character of Red almost since I found out...
  11. EmpoleonProd

    I have officially spent 20 hours of playtime trying to get a Toxic or Flame Orb...

    The item is, as far as anyone is aware, only a random reward for competing in the Champion Cup Rematch. I have beaten this. so. many. times. So many times it's made me a millionaire in the process. I've accumulated well over $10,000,000 PokeDollars, received duplicates of just about every other...
  12. EmpoleonProd

    SwSh Egg Move Morpekos for Trade!

    I spent a little bit of time chain-breeding Super Fang and Fake Out onto Morpeko, and now I have a handful of Morpeko eggs coming out of the nursery of Morpekos with both of these moves! With the right trainer, Morpeko could even see some competitive play with these moves (think Pachirisu in...
  13. EmpoleonProd

    How will Abilities transfer over from LGPE to SwSh?

    Using Pokemon Home, it is confirmed that Pokemon from LGPE can be transferred to SwSh (at least, the ones in the Galar Dex, but I'm assuming most if not all Kanto Pokemon will be in it since LGPE is a Switch game and they can reuse basically all the assets). My only worry is that Abilities will...
  14. EmpoleonProd

    (Semi-OT) Would the anime be more or less popular if the "Ash & Friends" formula was replaced by Origins/Generations?

    I've thought for a long time about this, years in fact, since Origins came out nearly 6 years ago, that I'd be far more interested in an anime loosely-based on the games that follows the various key player characters along their journeys. This was reinforced by the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed...
  15. EmpoleonProd

    Spoilers Competitive Battling Discussion Thread

    The new trailer that debuted at the Pokemon World Championships yesterday revealed a lot of neat information on the topic of competitive battling, and I hadn't seen a Discussion Thread yet dedicated to competitive play so I figured this trailer definitely warranted one be made. New information...
  16. EmpoleonProd

    Will we ever see third version title releases again over paired versions?

    I hadn't realized it until recently, but the last time we got a standalone third version was Platinum in 2009... It's been a decade, ever since then, we've never had a third version, every release has been paired versions. Is Gamefreak trying a LITTLE too hard to money grab? When you talk to...
  17. EmpoleonProd

    Speculation At some point - does Gamefreak need to slow down on the production of new regions and Pokemon?

    As the title suggests, I have a strong fear that continuing down the path of accelerating brand new generations out every few years like it's going out of style is going to get really old really fast, and I think Gamefreak and TPCi need to take another, possibly more "popular" approach. It seems...
  18. EmpoleonProd

    Spoilers Pokemon Timeline (Basically) Solved!

    So for years and years, many of us on here, myself included, have tried putting together accurate timelines for the Pokemon games, up until ORAS, this was actually very easy to do, thanks to this tweet here: This tweet was from after the release of XY but before the release of ORAS, and it...
  19. EmpoleonProd

    Spoilers How is everyone beating the Master Trainers?

    I'm curious to know what kind of strategies people are using to beat the Master Trainers. I myself was impatient to face Red and went into the Master Trainers at high level 70s-low 80s and used some really degenerate strategies to get my first six wins. I didn't even have maxed AVs like the...
  20. EmpoleonProd

    If you were the leader of an evil team, what would it be like?

    What would be the goal of your evil team? The region, and what Pokemon would you use? Are you just blatantly evil (Rocket) or do you have some goal you truly think is noble and right (Magma/Aqua)? Do you lie for your cause like Ghetsis or are you true to what you say like N? For me, my team...