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Search results

  1. Shadow-Lucario

    Need A Spriter to help me with my Game

    Can someone help me with these Sprites. http://postimage.org/image/5b5kuxb4r/ I dont need much i just need the two main characters the male and female. (Front,back,left,right and walking/running in those directions as well) i just need them for my test of the game, any help would be great...
  2. Shadow-Lucario

    Who is your favourite Bulba member and hated bulba member ?

    Not sure if i can post this here but this is where everyone goes and wanted a good turn out. but anyway post in this place if you have a nemesis or a person who you think is the best and dont flame people in here if you dont like what the other person says because it is only meant for fun ok...
  3. Shadow-Lucario

    does anyone breed egg pokemon?

    i am not sure if this is in the correct section but does anyone have a Zorua pokemon from the event because i have looked this up and they said the only way to get this is through an event or an egg of the event. could someone please breed me an egg i really want this pokemon for my team to...
  4. Shadow-Lucario

    Can any spriters help? (overworld)

    i have to blank sprite sheet but some of them need to be edited and then i need them to be dressed up as some of the anime characters for a game that i am making. if someone could help it would be great, full credit will be given but i need these ASAP i need 1 done for use as the test...
  5. Shadow-Lucario

    Contest Kakuna vs Metapod

    who would win in a fight kakuna or metapod? :banana:
  6. Shadow-Lucario

    spriters needed please

    i am making a new game and have a sprite sheet but the sprite sheet cant be used, so i need someone to help also on the sprite sheet it has blank sprites so could someone use them as well to make some custom sprites for me please? I know i have posted in the forum before this part but i did...
  7. Shadow-Lucario

    Any Spriters here?

    I am making a game and have come across some sprites that i need made so if someone could help that would be great could someone PM me please?