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Search results

  1. Paulisthebest

    Will Ash's Charizard Mega Evolve?

    Now I’m not just going to talk trash about Charizard’s B/W anime appearance for nothing but hear me out. Let me ask; was I the only one disappointed by Charizard’s role in the series? I mean the episode where Ash tells his friends about Charizard and that battle with Iris’ Dragonite is...
  2. Paulisthebest

    Pokemon Trainer Paul: A Birthday Special for my friends in the Pokemon Anime

    Since I've turned 22, I thought I'd do something a little special since I haven't been on this forum in over a month. What can I say graduate school is VERY time consuming. I've started my own Facebook page where I'll discuss all things Pokemon :rolleyes: So, if you liked my discussions on...
  3. Paulisthebest

    Anime: Favorite version of the TR motto

    My favorite has and will always be the improvised version that Jessie, James and Meowth did in "The Song of Jigglypuff" I think that was one of their firs variations of their original motto. Some of the "Honorable Mentions" include: Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Brock and Dulpica's...
  4. Paulisthebest

    Anime: Creepiest/Scariest Looking Characters

    This can include people and Pokemon who just creeped the heck out of you just by the way they acted or looked. This woman below from "Go West, Meowth!" creeped the hell out of me as a kid and still does now! Some of your thoughts? *Also if you could post a picture along with your post that...
  5. Paulisthebest

    Kanto Gym Battles; Ash wasn't THAT bad was he?

    One scene from his Kanto days that will stick out to me was in "Abra and the Psychic Showdown." Remember after his loss to Sabrina he and his friends had to be rescued by Sabrina's Dad (the jogger). Then he warned him AGAIN to not challenge Sabrina and that any attempt would be foolish. He then...
  6. Paulisthebest

    Connection between Absol and Arceus?

    This has been a subject that has been eating at me since the release of DP but I never got around the making a thread about it. I’ve always debated whether or not these two Pokemon had some kind of connection. When I first saw Arceus, I assumed that we had FINALLY gotten a much needed...
  7. Paulisthebest

    What was the TRio like BEFORE encountering Ash in Episode 2?

    We know that Jessie, James and Meowth were not always the goofballs that we came to know over the years. It seemed before encountering Ash and setting their sights on Pikachu in “Pokemon Emergency” they were know around various parts of Kanto and not just because they were Team Rocket but...
  8. Paulisthebest

    Ash's Traveling Companions: What if he gets a Female-Version of Brock?

    Simply, how would you react if one of Ash's traveling companions was a female-version of Brock? Bianca's constant fawning over a man (or Pokemon) with muscles makes her gush and it seemed that she had an instant liking to Virgil. This was kind of a hint at what it would be like since she was a...
  9. Paulisthebest

    Sabrina’s Dollhouse

    Remember back in “Abra and the Psychic Showdown” or “Haunter vs. Kadabra” that in Sabrina’s dollhouse she shrinks her losing opponents or flat-out changes them into dolls so she can “play with them.” I was watching the episodes this morning and one fact freaked me out beyond anything else: Do...
  10. Paulisthebest

    Worst way to lose; by Non-Damaging attacks

    Throughout the anime, we’ve seen time and time again that game mechanics are not always present or the same when it comes to the anime counterpart. During his travels, we’ve seen Ash defeat or get defeated by opponents who use non-damaging attacks to win a match. Here in this post, we can...
  11. Paulisthebest

    How do you feel about Ash being in Pokemon X/Y Series?

    I found out yesterday and I'm kind of pissed. I know I know it should be expected that Pikachu is the mascot and that Ash has been there since day one... Yeah, so anyway I heard it will debut in Japan on October 17th with no word on a dub for us in the U.S. YET but of course we can expect it...
  12. Paulisthebest

    Friend Code

    So I finally fixed my router at home so my DS can use the Wi-fi. Haha, I'm long overdue on this! Well, on my HeartGold I'm planning on starting over soon. But regardless I'd like to have a battle or two before I erase everything. How about 6-on-6 full battle in a Single Battle format. Items are...
  13. Paulisthebest

    What do Max, Conway, Steven and Mr. Stone. have in common with Batman?

    This is just a fun thread comparing the anime to the Dark Knight. I loved the episode where we meet Mr. Stone and his adventure with Max to save some stolen fossil fluids from the Team Aqua grunt. To me Mr. Stone is similar to old Bruce Wayne in “The Dark Knight Returns” comic letting...
  14. Paulisthebest

    Are Ash’s Traveling Companions under Pressure?

    Something that really caught my attention is how much the characters that travel around with Ash seem to feel pressure about something. For May it was living up to the expectations of so many people that she’d be a great Pokemon Trainer like her dad Norman the pride and joy of Hoenn Gym...
  15. Paulisthebest

    ANIME: Which region had the WORST gym leaders?

    When it boils down to it which region had the worst of the worst in terms of gym leaders? For me I’d say the things to consider are which gyms were usually closed most of the time or had Ash perform some kind of stupid errand for the leader in order to get to battle them. Location of the...
  16. Paulisthebest

    What is the Champion League?

    We learn in the anime that a trainer gets to enter the Champion League after coming out as #1 in a regional Pokemon League Tournament from Lucian of the E4 in DP 035 when talking to Ash and the group after first meeting him. He also mentions that a trainer can become a member of the E4 if...
  17. Paulisthebest

    Funny or ridiculous Pokemon battles in the anime

    Let's have some fun with this one. Its not a thread to bash battles we thought were stupid like many of the BW battles or the ones in the original series. This is more about battle moments in the anime that made you laugh or go WTF I can't believe that happened (but in a fun way). I liked the...
  18. Paulisthebest

    Unfinished or Off-Screen Battles You Wanted To See The Results Of

    Any battle we don't get to see finished due to either someone interrupting or something big going down (like a Pokemon attack or something). And in other cases because it is not seen onscreen. For me recent battles like Quilava vs. Pikachu stopped by Cynthia or Dragonite vs. Charizard being...
  19. Paulisthebest

    Anime episodes or movie scenes that make you tear up

    Simply Pokemon episodes or scenes from a particular episode that make you want to grab a tissue for me there are a few -Bye, Bye Butterfree; just sad to see Ash let go of his first capture. Saying that he would tell the other Pokemon that it was just on a vacation was what got me balling like...
  20. Paulisthebest

    How does the Pokemon anime compare to other animated shows?

    Basically, how would you rank Pokemon when compared to other shows from your childhood (depending on what age group you fall into)? For me I actually put it behind Digimon believe it or not (not any particular series just in general) because each season (except 1 and 2) are "revamps" but I...