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Search results

  1. SeanWheeler

    Pokemon Violet/Scarlet Map?

    We've seen a part of the map in the trailer that shows that it's Spain.
  2. SeanWheeler

    What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet

    You know what? Buying an extra game to test the language filter really isn't worth it. I'll just take a Pokémon to the Name Rater to see if the Violet name works.
  3. SeanWheeler

    Kalos Connection/DLC?

    Looking at the Europe map, England (Galar) is separate from France (Kalos) because England is it's own island. Spain is directly attached to France, so there's a good reason why Kalos could appear in Gen IX when it wasn't in Galar. Then again, the games never connected regions since Johto.
  4. SeanWheeler

    CHONK or SMOL?

    They are both Normal types, but Smoliv is also a Grass type. If we want type diversity, Smoliv would be the better pick. Especially when I need to counter my Fuecoco's weakness to Water.
  5. SeanWheeler

    Which Pokemon would you guys like to get regional variants in Scarlet and Violet?

    Honestly, I'd rather not have regional variants.
  6. SeanWheeler

    What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet

    So Pokémon Black's censorship changed your OT name? That must be annoying. Especially with how innocent of a word "Violet" is. We've got a Violet City in Johto, and Violet is going to be an official Pokémon game. It's time that they rework the censorship filter. All it really does is teach kids...
  7. SeanWheeler

    The Open World of Gen 9

    Maybe they should have a set Gym order with the higher level Gyms being closed to people who don't have the correct number of Badges like what was done with the Viridian and Petalburg Gyms.
  8. SeanWheeler

    Graphics, Animation and General Model Quality

    The textures were great. Too bad the screen resolution is not so great. We could see the pixels.
  9. SeanWheeler

    The Open World of Gen 9

    If you can challenge the gyms in any order and the levels scale up according to the number of badges you have, it would be really tough to train weak Pokémon at the end of the game if you lost your strong Pokémon in a Nuzlocke challenge.
  10. SeanWheeler

    I Hate the Lighting

    They'll probably fix the lighting like they did with BDSP. And they don't need outlines because the game uses more realistic textures, and outlines would look weird on that.
  11. SeanWheeler

    What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet

    If I go with a boy, I'll use my name Sean. But if I get tempted to use the girl again, I'm going to see if I'll be able to call her Violet because, come on they can't ban the game's name over a French curse word, right? Though, I'm going to buy Scarlet. You know, maybe I'll buy a Double Pack...
  12. SeanWheeler

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet anime

    Please have Ash continue his badge quest in the new Spanish region. The way we missed out on a Galar adventure because of Journeys was so disappointing.
  13. SeanWheeler

    The sheer number of Galar Pokemon who haven't appeared in the anime

    I really wish they did a full Galar adventure. Galar is the only region from the main series games that didn't have a whole anime series dedicated to it, being sidelined as one of eight regions Ash and Goh would occasionally take field trips to in Journeys. There is no arc where Ash battles...
  14. SeanWheeler

    What would you have changed about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

    Nope. In fact, I would have gotten rid of the book and have the player hatch the Manaphy egg. And I would have Cyrus catch the other box Legendary and battle you with it in the Distortion World before you catch Giratina so that you won't need a book to get Palkia in Brilliant Diamond or Dialga...
  15. SeanWheeler

    What would you have changed about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

    They weren't exactly one-of-a-kind in the anime, and the Legendary Birds got Galarian forms. Pyramid King Brandon has Regirock, Regice and Registeel in Emerald whether or not you caught them so the legendaries aren't one of a kind in the games either. To include every Sinnoh Pokémon in the...
  16. SeanWheeler

    What would you have changed about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

    I would adopt the Platinum teams in full, only changing them to add newly added Pokémon. Flint doesn't need Drifblim because we already saw Drifblim in Fantina's Gym. And there are a few trainers on routes with Ambipom. I would give Flint a Heatran instead so that that legendary could be seen...
  17. SeanWheeler

    What older Pokemon do you want to have in the SV Pokedex? And which Pokemon can you see not being in the dex?

    The Pokémon that never showed up in Gen 8 should be a massive priority for the Pokédex. But older starters and legendaries should be kept out of the regional dex unless the National Dex is cut again.
  18. SeanWheeler

    Generation IX Wishlist

    Um... We are still getting paired versions (Scarlet AND Violet) so version-exclusive Pokémon needed to trade are inevitable. Otherwise, they'd might as well sell one game.
  19. SeanWheeler

    Starters Discussion/Speculation

    Sprigatito is #906, Fuecoco is #907 and Quaxly is #910 or are we going to assume there'd be a Mythical Pokémon preceding them like how Victini was inserted before the Unova starters?
  20. SeanWheeler

    Is there going to be gym challenges?

    The routes are open world but that doesn't mean they can't find a way to block you from reaching a Gym early.