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Search results

  1. evkl

    Announcing a new Head Administrator on the forums

    Hi all, A rather big staffing change has occurred and I wanted to make everyone aware of it. SaturnYoshi has stepped down as the head administrator due to time constraints. He's going to remain an administrator and stay involved with Bulbagarden--and for that, I'm very glad. But he's...
  2. evkl

    National Bulbagraphic now has a forum!

    Been itching to chat about National Bulbagraphic? Do it here. Looking forward to feedback and ideas for future issues!
  3. evkl

    National Bulbagraphic Issue #2 released!

    Realize I'm a few days late in the announcing, but you can check it out here. If you're interested in contributing to the October issue with an article, send me a PM!
  4. evkl

    A new staff position just for you!

    Hi all, I'm happy to announce that Musashi is going to be Bulbagarden's first Director of User Experience. What does that mean? Well, as I said in the title--this is a staffer dedicated to you, the users. More specifically, her job involves making sure that you have a good time on the...
  5. evkl


    Anyone have any good dessert recipes? I do appetizers and main courses well but I'm really not so good with desserts. I'm also not great with baking, which probably explains why I'm not so good with them. But if anyone has any recipes that create a good dessert--whether they involve baking or...
  6. evkl

    Post Counts Updated

    Hi all, As part of semi-routine maintenance, we've run a number of scripts to clean up the forums. After running them, we updated everyone's post count to give an accurate total of the number of posts they have on the forums. This has, in the past, reduced people's post counts, sometimes...
  7. evkl

    Inter-site drama

    Hi everybody, Hope the summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is treating everyone well. I wanted to bring an issue to everyone's attention. Recently, users have been "importing" drama from other forums to Bulbagarden. Whether that's talking behind someone's back, trolling their VM...
  8. evkl

    vBulletin 4 Upgrade Coming Tomorrow - Info inside!

    Hi all, We're going to start the upgrade to vB4 in about 24 hours. That's a kind of big deal, and for a summary of everything that it means you can check out the thread Archaic posted about the changeover. It means that these forums are going to be down for the duration of the changeover...
  9. evkl

    New Rule Regarding Teams in Social Groups

    Hi all, We've had an issue with Teams in social groups. We've mentioned this rule before, but I wanted to codify it: "Teams" which involve membership, leadership, and attacking/battling/conflicting with other groups or individuals on these or other forums are not permitted. Any teams...
  10. evkl

    Bulbanews A Weekly Real-Life News Update

    In light of the Japanese earthquake article, I thought that perhaps we should branch out a little in terms of news. I offered to aggregate a bunch of links to major world news stories once a week for Bulbanews readers' consumption. Is this a feature users would appreciate? evkl
  11. evkl

    Meet the Staff!

    Hi all! In an effort to make the staff a little more accessible, here's a directory to the forum staff and other important people on Bulbagarden, sorted by their rank. Names are listed in alphabetical order. Webmaster Archaic: I'm Archaic, the webmaster of Bulbagarden. I've been a member of...
  12. evkl

    evkl's "various vacations" thread

    I don't do much photography when I'm not on vacation, but when I travel (and I'm lucky enough to travel a fair amount,) I like getting pictures. Here's a few of my favorite shots from my trips: This was taken from the balcony of the condo where I was staying on one of the smaller...
  13. evkl

    Our own tiering system: Empirical Tiers

    This is a post taken from a mod forum discussion we were having a while back. I'd like to make it the official Bulbagarden stance on tiering to go with our PO server plans. I. Background So I was doing some thinking when I saw this post in the thread about Bulbagarden tiers. I was also...
  14. evkl

    Skin Questions Thread

    Have a question? Ask here.
  15. evkl

    Skin Request Thread

    So we've got our first idea in for-real development. Here's what's going to happen: everyone has the next two weeks to request up to three skins. For each skin, please provide as much detail as possible (what colors, what you're looking for, etc.) We're going to take all the requests and...
  16. evkl

    Announcing the new Development Forum!

    Hi guys! As part of Overgrow II, we're very pleased to announce that the Development Forum is now open to everyone. Check out the thread that describes how the new system is going to work. If you have ideas about how you can improve any part of Bulbagarden--Bulbapedia, the forums, the...
  17. evkl

    Welcome to the new Development Forum! [Read first: Rules inside!]

    Hi! Welcome to the new Bulbagarden Development Forum. We've opened up the project development aspect of the site to the entire forum, so now anyone with an idea can contribute the idea and see it through to completion. If you'll notice, this is now taking the place of the Suggestions Box...
  18. evkl

    Announcing Project Overgrow II

    This is a common theme when I write announcements, but I'll say it again anyway: it's a pretty exciting time for Bulbagarden right now. We just concluded another year of holiday contests that gave nearly two dozen Bulbagarden users a preorder of Black or White. Bulbapedia continues readying...
  19. evkl

    CRB Update, December 2010

    The following cases have been brought before the CRB in the previous month and a half: A user had a complaint regarding a moderator's conduct in the blogs. The moderator was warned verbally about the conduct and given an infraction commensurate with the conduct that occurred. A user...
  20. evkl

    Bulbagarden Holiday Contests are now up!

    If you're interested in participating, head over to the Holiday Contest Central area. I'm quite sure you'll find something you're interested in there. From all of us at Bulbagarden, have a happy and safe holiday season and a fantastic new year!