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  1. PaperSplash

    Why do people hate SM so much?

    I mean, yeah, that's what ended up happening, but I don't think the primary reason for giving Serena a crush was for clickbait (although they definitely took advantage of it after the fact). I'd say the biggest candidate behind that decision was the "Kalos = France = romance" line of thinking...
  2. PaperSplash

    Why do people hate SM so much?

    Yeah, I wasn't trying to imply most of what people liked about XY was done on purpose to "win back the crowd" or anything. I believe it was almost entirely an accidental perfect storm of factors that attracted a larger number of fans to that series than usual, especially during the XYZ era.
  3. PaperSplash

    Why do people hate SM so much?

    This might come off as overly harsh, but I honestly think part of it is that it was a big reminder to older fans that they aren't the target audience and never have been. It was easier to ignore/forget back in XY, where despite Ash still being 10, he looked, sounded and acted in a way that...