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Search results

  1. Infinity Storm

    Start Ups The Kalos Invitational

    Lumiose City has aĺways been known for its tourism, drawing a sizable crowd of visitors year round. However, today was surely going to be a day for the record books. People from all around the world were making the trek to Lumiose today in hopes of witnessing a truly unique event: the Kalos...
  2. Infinity Storm

    Sign Ups The Kalos Invitational

    Throughout the Pokemon world, there are few occupations as prestigious as the Gym Leader. The title alone exemplifies power and expertise. Instrumental in teaching the next generation of trainers how to work alongside Pokemon. However, the process of becoming one is extremely difficult. Many...
  3. Infinity Storm

    Pokemon That You Think Could Be Related?

    The title says it all: what Pokemon do you think could easily be related to each other. Obviously this excludes already-canon relations (like Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam), but I'd love to hear what everyone else has to say on the matter. Just tell which Pokemon, and try to explain why you think...
  4. Infinity Storm

    My Collection

    I finally have the time to do this, so I figured I'd show off what many of my friends have dubbed "the Pokemon shrine." Apparently it has surpassed the limitations of a mere collection. As of now, the shrine contains: 1 Riolu Plush from Pokemon Center Japan (Bought at Anime Expo) 1 Pokemon...
  5. Infinity Storm

    SIGN UPS: The Grand Festival: Premiere Cup (Pokemon RP)

    Introduction Overview Rules Sign-Up Requirements My Sign-Up ACCEPTED CHARACTERS
  6. Infinity Storm

    Unova:A New Journey

    Unova. The most recently discovered region of the pokemon world. Unlike its predecessors, the Unova Region is inhabited by only Unovan Race pokemon, with none originating from other regions. This isolation has led to a lacking of knowledge of other regions pokemon,and the Pokemon League decided...
  7. Infinity Storm

    Geo Strata Tourney *Start-Up*

    A few months ago, in an area near Mt.Coronet in Sinnoh, construction began on what appeared to be a massive complex. It was unknown to most who was funding it, and more importantly why he was having it built. A few weeks ago, construction was finally completed. The complex, dubbed the Geo...
  8. Infinity Storm

    The Geo Strata Tourney *OOC/Discussion Thread*

    This is a OOC/Discussion Thread for the Geo Strata Tourney. Since I took my time to make this thread, no OOC posts will be allowed in the RP. This does include requesting recaps. Post your questions,ideas,comments, complaints, ect. here.
  9. Infinity Storm

    Geo Strata Tourney (Sign-Ups Closed)

    A few months ago, in an area near Mt.Coronet in Sinnoh, construction began on what appeared to be a massive complex. It was unknown to most who was funding it, and more importantly why he was having it built. A few weeks ago, construction was finally completed. The complex, dubbed the Geo...
  10. Infinity Storm

    Monster Hunter RP

    Hey I posted a sign-up for a monster hunter freedom unite RP but does anyone on these forums actually know anything about the Monster Hunter series?
  11. Infinity Storm

    (Mature) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Dawn Of A New Generation (Non-Pokemon RP)

    Several years ago, the remains of a semi-ancient Pokke civilization was discovered in a valley located between the Jungle and the Desert Areas. It seems to have been a flourishing civilization, prior to whatever event left it in the ruins we see today. The Guild, eager to learn more, sent a...
  12. Infinity Storm

    The Aura Tourney (Start Up)

    Lucas Sovner stood in front of the docks, awaiting each of the participants and for the Terrain Masters to arrive. His Drapion, Shooter, and his Salamance, Sky, were next to him, eagerly awaiting the chance to go all out.A Tourney Staff Delibird sat next to him as well, awaiting his expected...
  13. Infinity Storm

    The Aura Tourney (Sign-Ups)

    In the Hoenn region, there is an island that was created by the Weather Trio: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. The island is truly unique, as it contains all of the major types of terrain in the world: Swamp, Pond, Cave, Tundra,Desert,Forest, Mountain, Volcano, and Beach. The new owner of the...
  14. Infinity Storm

    Need Help Making a Breeder's Dream Team

    hey I'm trying to make a dream team for a pokemon breeder, but I'm having trouble choosing. Here's what I've got so far for candidates. If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me. CANDIDATES _____________ Togekiss Miltank Chansey/Blissley Lopunny Azumarill Rapidash Jumpluff...
  15. Infinity Storm

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Infinity (Start-Up)

    This is the story of the adventures of a pokemon rescue team named Team Infinity. Led by Storm, a Luxray, the team has many awards and accomplishments to its name.The name reminds the team's members of the principle it was made on: there are no limits, and there are infinite possibilities for...
  16. Infinity Storm

    Which Eeveelution Did You Choose On XD

    Which Eeveelution did you choose on Pokemon XD:Gale Of Darkness? I chose Jolteon
  17. Infinity Storm

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Team Infinity

    This is an RP based on a Rescue Team named Team Infinity. The name signifies the truth its members emphasize: there are no limits, and endless possibilities. The leader is a powerful Luxray named Storm, and the team is fairly high ranked. This RP will be the team's story. RULES ________ 1.The...
  18. Infinity Storm

    "Team Infinity:Origin" *Me and Skitty-chan

    The story of the orgin of Rescue Team Infinity, starring Storm (Luxray,Male) and Spark (Manectrict, Female)
  19. Infinity Storm


    hey i just joined a few days ago and im starting a group called team infinity, like a pokemon rescue team. if anyone wants to join i would greatly appreciate it and theres a link in my signature. thank you
  20. Infinity Storm

    What do you think the coolest-looking pokemon is?

    hey i wanna know what people think the coolest pokemon is. So ummmm yeah if u wanna tell wat u think the coolest pokemon is just post it. ill post my choice in a little bit