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Search results

  1. Peppermint Phoenix

    How do you see people getting mad at losing a series staple

    And see that a symptom of the problem of not changing ENOUGH? Is me wanting just a better version of what gens 4 and 5 offered such an Alien concept to people? Even with Indie games reusing older formats gaining popularity for years
  2. Peppermint Phoenix

    Pokémon ultra sun and ultra moon had 800 Pokémon in their code

    Why do people think 1000 is a magic number that makes having the full roster impossible? Is that extra digit going to explode the cartridge?
  3. Peppermint Phoenix


    Finally got sword used paid a little more than I played to but I got sick of losing ebay auctions. Anyways it's been like 15 minutes surprise trade didn't go through. I loaded up X got a pokemon and wonder traded and whole process was snappy. WHAT THE FUCK!?
  4. Peppermint Phoenix

    Physiognomy Check 9/4/2021

    I look good.
  5. Peppermint Phoenix

    Just logging back in tosay

    I'm still mad at the "policy change" that was announced at June 11th 2019. All defenses of it are complete nonsense.
  6. Peppermint Phoenix

    "Other monster tamer franchises aren't expected to have the whole bestiary"

    Other franchises don't require people to buy 10 dollar gameboy roms to unlock certain passive abilities. I capitulated because I loved Pokémon collecting how did TPC return the favor exactly?
  7. Peppermint Phoenix

    Alright Mew in Gen 1 discussion

    Give me one reason why putting Mew under the truck after certain conditions are met (like beating the game or Pokédex completion) in Yellow and Japanese Blue would not have been better approach from the player's perspective than, raffles and Toy's R Us events.
  8. Peppermint Phoenix

    Not really issue that applies to this forum but I thought I would share a pattern I experienced on other sites

    "Yo don't worry bro *insert mainline pokemon game here* is just them testing the waters the game just you wait and see the next game it's gonna be the real deal"
  9. Peppermint Phoenix

    Game Corner

    Is there any hope that the slots could be replaced with something or is the ORAS/Let's GO route a sure thing? They could put the 2007 TCG format, pinball, the gameboy version of pokemon puzzle league, a racing minigame based on pokemon Dash. There are a lot options.
  10. Peppermint Phoenix

    I just wanted all the pokemon

    It used to be given. A complete after thought.
  11. Peppermint Phoenix

    Pricing and Faithfulness

    Will both these games cost the full sixty ? I mean they probably will but do we have we got any confirmation? (EDIT: NOW WE DO) Kinda worried about the games being exact copies of the original games barring the artstyle.
  12. Peppermint Phoenix

    So it's been awhile since Alola league in the anime.

    I figure it okay to talk about the result openly. I remember back when I was really disappointed in Satoshi's Kalos league loss I said something to effect of "What really bothers me is that because the 90% chance that Ash would lose happened, people are going to refuse to admit the chance of...
  13. Peppermint Phoenix

    GEN VI: LF Mold Breaker Basculin

    White Smoke Heatmor, Overcoat Burmy, I got lots and lots of hidden abilities for trade.
  14. Peppermint Phoenix

    GEN VI: LF Storm Drain Lileep

    I have all HA starters for trade feel free to ask for whatever else
  15. Peppermint Phoenix

    Pikachu and replacing Ash

    Right now I'm against Ash's journey ending because I'm greedy, and want a grandiose conclusion. A reason why people say they can't replace Ash is because of Pikachu. The obvious counter argument is the new main character a different Pikachu. Personally I think it would be amusing to have a main...
  16. Peppermint Phoenix

    Lost my hidden ability Registeel and Regirock

    I lost my 3ds around a year ago. Didn't realize until now that I lost my only two of those event only Pokemon along with them. I hate the whole event exclusive concept. Hasn't any of the higher ups at gamefreak ever lost anything before? Why would they do this shit. I hate it and I always hated...
  17. Peppermint Phoenix

    I know taste is relative but...

    Why does this video have so many likes? Like what was announced? More Skynet shit with Pokemon Sleep. More time sucking, whale hunting, unethical Gatcha shit with Pokemon Masters. (Christ why couldn't the concept of every main trainer been used for a retail game) An enhanced version of...
  18. Peppermint Phoenix

    GEN VI: LF HA Treecko and Mudkip

    I don't know what to offer but, I have a lot of Pokémon so, if it's in reason I'll probably give it to you.
  19. Peppermint Phoenix

    I wonder how salty the Eeveelution fanbase would be if...

    over the course of the next three gens, a new Pokemon gets 7 evolutions. For example say there is a fish Pokemon in Sword and Shield that could evolve into a water/fire, a water/ice, or a water/ghost. Then the next gen they give it a water/steel evolution and water/rock evolution. Then in gen...
  20. Peppermint Phoenix

    Remember how Gary's Electivire beat Pikachu

    ... right after Pikachu beat Regice, then Gary jobbed to freaking SATURN.