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Search results

  1. Silktree

    Greetings from a born-again Pokémon fan

    Training 20 Pokemon is a bad idea before you've entered Hall of Fame. In later games it may be possible to train up to 10 Pokemon throughout the main story (the Exp. Share was modified in XY), but in these ones you should really stick to 6. Also, you'll have a lot of chances to use Kanto...
  2. Silktree

    Greetings from a born-again Pokémon fan

    It's arguably the most content-filled game due to two regions, Battle Frontier, 430-ish Pokemon to collect (without trading), and also the Pokeathlon if that tickles your fancy. You don't have to take a break after that, but oversaturation is a thing.
  3. Silktree

    Greetings from a born-again Pokémon fan

    That's nice. You should play HeartGold or SoulSilver after you're done and then take a break.