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Search results

  1. Dorothy

    Features from past games you want to return

    For me, it's small, but I want them to bring back a feature from Legends where trade evolutions could be evolved by exposure to their trade items or a Link Cable. Maybe they could introduce the Link Cable into SV as a very very rare item that serves as an alternate evolution method for Pokemon...
  2. Dorothy

    Evil Team Discussion/Speculation

    A thread for discussing the prospective evil team of this new region. What ideas might fit, what are you hoping to see? Team Yell was a funny gag but I'm hoping to finally have an evil team with some menace, and not have a twist villain unrelated to the "main" team like we've had the last few gens.
  3. Dorothy

    What version do you plan on getting?

    Obviously early days, but do you have a preference? I lean towards Violet, both as a lesbian and as a (political) republican...
  4. Dorothy

    Fuecoco Appreciation Thread

    The other starters have them! Let's talk about this goofy little croc.
  5. Dorothy

    TEEN: The Adventures of Captain Miracle - Book One: First Flight

    So this one's a bit different. This is not a fanfic, but a work of original fiction that I've been working on for a while. A novel, in fact. I thought I might post it here in order to get feedback and commentary as I progress through writing it. Help me motivate myself to keep going with this...
  6. Dorothy

    Glitches and Bugs

    Thought it would be useful to have a thread for reporting glitches and bugs. Just encountered one where after accepting the request "A Nosepass to Guide the Way," the game effectively freezes when the banner comes up. It won't go away, I can't move, and all I can do is move the camera.
  7. Dorothy

    Wordle Thread

    Wordle is the word game that's taken the internet by storm, and I thought it would be nice to have a thread to compare Wordle scores and discuss the daily word! Hummed and hawed over whether this belonged here or in F+G, so if the mods think it should be there, feel free to move it. Try to post...
  8. Dorothy


    Don't know what I'll use this for, but may as well have one, especially since my Tumblr got got.
  9. Dorothy

    Vtuber Thread

    From Hololive to Vshojo to the indies and the OG Kizuna AI, here's a thread for discussing all things Vtuber. Anyone have any favorites? Kson and Korone are up there for me for sure.
  10. Dorothy

    What do you do for a living?

    Alternatively: What's your job? I'm a paralegal in the legal department of a security company.
  11. Dorothy

    International Politics Thread

    A thread for international politics and international relations, to avoid clogging the American politics thread with international affairs. All warnings and notices from staff in that thread should be assumed to apply here. ELECTIONS IN FEBRUARY 2022: - Somalia (Legislative and Presidential...
  12. Dorothy

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    I've not usually been much of a podcast person, but I've been listening to Blowback on my commute and it is excellent. What podcasts do y'all listen to?
  13. Dorothy

    One Piece Discussion

    Didn't see a thread to talk about One Piece, so here one is! How's everyone been liking the climax of the Wano arc?
  14. Dorothy

    Bulbagarden Pride (LGBT)

    I couldn't see a general thread for discussing LGBT issues and topics, so I figured I'd make one myself. Howdy y'all, I'm Dorothy, I'm a trans lesbian and I've been out since 2017. Hope this thread can provide a safe space to discuss LGBT topics and maybe help some folks learn more about...
  15. Dorothy

    What's your dream home?

    I'd really like to live on a sailing ship, spend my days out at sea.
  16. Dorothy

    TEEN: Lone Star Shine Down

    Lone Star Shine Down A Coming-of-Age Story and Pokemon Journey Fanfic By Dorothy Welcome to the Estrejas region! Once a grand frontier, lawless and free, the famed wild west of the Pokemon World has now been, for the most part, tamed, bent to the will of humans. With new technology and the...
  17. Dorothy

    American Politics Thread

    This thread was created originally to discuss the 2020 Presidential election, but now I suppose it's become a general American politics thread. At time of writing, the next major national elections are the 2022 midterm elections. The entire House of Representatives, all 435 seats, is up for...
  18. Dorothy

    TEEN: Smoke Above the Timberline (Miraculous Ladybug/Firewatch)

    It feels weird coming back to fanfic after so long. Hopefully I'll actually finish this one! One of my favorite shows is Miraculous Ladybug, and one of my favorite video games is Firewatch, so I decided, "Hey! Let's combine the two!" I've tried to make this story as accessible as possible to...
  19. Dorothy

    Pokemon you see returning for the regional dex

    We know that Sun and Moon seem to be set in a tropical region - many people have concluded that our new region is based on Hawaii. Based on this information, what Pokemon can you see returning from older regions in these new games? One look at my avatar will give you my first guess :p NOTE...
  20. Dorothy

    Trainer Classes: Who's Coming Back, and Who's New?

    We know only one thing about the setting of Sun and Moon at this time: it is (most likely) a tropical region. Based on that, what Trainer Classes do you see making a return appearance, and what sorts of new opponents do you think or want us to meet this time around? Personally, I think that a...