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  1. Hidden Mew

    Review It'll Be Fine!

    I think that example would make more sense if they had shown Buizel in the video too, but they didn't. It was focused more on Dawn's current team, so it wouldn't have featured Ambipom. I agree that Ambipom was treated poorly, but I don't really see a reason to bring it up in relation to this video.
  2. Hidden Mew

    Review It'll Be Fine!

    To be fair, they were focused on Dawn's current team in this video, so I don't think it's a matter of the people involved hating Ambipom or trying to bury it. They wouldn't have focused on Buizel either since that was originally Dawn's Pokemon before the trade. That being said, it's still...
  3. Hidden Mew

    Review It'll Be Fine!

    That was a really cute music video. Seeing all of the nods to DP was really cool, especially when I'm in the middle of rewatching it. Even with my issues of Dawn's team staying the same in mind, it was still nice to see them together in this video. Considering that Dawn is my favorite female...