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Search results

  1. Chidamari Sketch

    Make a username for the user above!

  2. Chidamari Sketch

    What does ^'s usertitle tell you about them?

    Animatronics built for insidious purposes empower a fastidious chinchilla.
  3. Chidamari Sketch

    What do you think the above user will use as their next avatar?

    An interpretation of the 36th demon recorded in the Ars Goetia: Great Prince of Hell, Stolas, who manifests in the form of a long-legged strigiform avian and teaches astronomy, and also carries knowledge of botany and gemology
  4. Chidamari Sketch

    Guess what the next user likes

    I'm a tad far away from most people in terms of story progress; but that's because I really enjoy whimsically wandering around in this game. I'd say I really enjoy it. Disgaea
  5. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

    Quaxly, purely because of your heavy association to Disney and the memes comparing the diminutive waterfowl to Kingdom Hearts' portrayal of Donald Duck.
  6. Chidamari Sketch

    What would the Above User's Partner Pokemon be?

  7. Chidamari Sketch

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Known for an irrevocable dedication towards Rainbow Cloud's imagery; as well as complementing the aesthetics of certain forum motifs donned by patrons of the forum through a specific usage of the adjective "colorful."
  8. Chidamari Sketch

    Give the User Above a Pokémon Food

    I bestow upon thee the Poke Snack; a cake-like confection that helps allure the select few Pokemon that thrive in specially marked ecosystems in the barren, yet slowly recovering Orre region
  9. Chidamari Sketch

    Eat or Spit

    Eat Stargazy pie
  10. Chidamari Sketch

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    I don't play Rocket League. V spends all their money on gacha games.
  11. Chidamari Sketch

    Eat or Spit

    Spit. Century egg Bringing this thread back up because it feels like people here somehow can't distinguish between 'guess what food the user above likes' and 'guess what food the user below likes'.
  12. Chidamari Sketch

    Would you rather catch...

    Morpeko (whoops, well, too late by now_
  13. Chidamari Sketch

    If the user above were a Gym Leader, what would their type specialty and team be?

    Emerald Badge Fighting type (but with a few shakeups a la Gen 1 Gym teams and/or D/P Gym teams) TM: Bulk Up. Chesnaught Sandslash Emboar Incineroar Grapploct Hisuian Decidueye Though this Gym Leader claims that they would rather flex their muscles than 'chuckle', their arrogance and...
  14. Chidamari Sketch

    What comes to mind for the above video game series?

    The entire modding community of FNF, really; but if I'd narrow something down, it's the fact that the Friday Night Funkin' mod community managed to make Sonic.EXE and video game creepypastas in general relevant again. Yomawari
  15. Chidamari Sketch

    What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

    Bone Rush
  16. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokemon would the above trainer start with?

    A Diggersby with Rototiller
  17. Chidamari Sketch

    What trainer class would the above user be?

    Aroma Lady
  18. Chidamari Sketch

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    Not particularly. V takes antidepressants every day.