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Search results

  1. Aulos

    What Pokémon Type Are You? (Based on Music Tastes!)

    I saw this in another community, and thought I might share. (it includes some fictional Pokemon types, don't know what to think of that, but oh well) I haven't even heard of most of these genres! :lapras: As for me, Dragon is definitely my primary type, as I regularly listen to and love...
  2. Aulos

    Petty/Small Annoyances in Video Games

    This is a topic meant to be for those complaints you personally have, but wouldn't put anywhere else, because they will sound kind of silly to anyone else. You know, issues you have with a game that don't really deal with the gameplay or the actual quality of a game. I'll start with three, to...
  3. Aulos

    Console/Platform Preferences and Opinions

    What are you favorite platforms to game on? What are your favorite consoles/platforms altogether? Please note: This is not a place for console wars, or PC gaming elitism. This is for your personal preferences, and there is no reason to be rude about and belittle others over personal preferences.
  4. Aulos


    What is your opinion on them? Have you ever played an MMO before? If so, which one(s) and do you still play them?
  5. Aulos

    Collector's Editions

    What is your opinion on collector's editions? Are you adamant about getting them, do you only get them from time to time, or do you never bother with them? Do you even like the idea of them existing?
  6. Aulos

    Achievement Systems

    When a game or system has an achievement system, how seriously do you take it? Are you insistent on 100%ing every game, or do you not care so much?
  7. Aulos


    I'm a new member, obviously... xD I'm never too great with these introduction topics, as is indicated by my incredibly bland title. My name is Emma, but on most forums I go by Envy. I chose this username here because Envy was already taken. The username actually says a lot about me, for those...