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Search results

  1. L4PR4S

    X defeated Y with Z

    ^ is doing a Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke and is going through Victory Road. On the way, ^ encounters a Graveler. ^ sends out Gex the Sceptile. Gex used Leaf Blade on it, which would OHKO the Graveler, but the Graveler had Sturdy. It also knew Flamethrower, which would be the end for Gex. Unfortunately...
  2. L4PR4S

    X defeated Y with Z

    gonna be a little creative here ^ was doing a Pokemon HeartGold nuzlocke, and one day ^ was training his Typhlosion, Flames, up. Then, ^ encountered a Lv. 52 Quagsire. It was scary enough, considering Flames was at a type disadvantage. Flames managed to outspeed the wild Quagsire, hitting a...
  3. L4PR4S

    X defeated Y with Z

    Gabite, let's counter Manectric with Bulldoze!