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Search results

  1. Beatsy Ray

    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    It's because you learn and grow from failure. Despite his low win rate, Ash was a better trainer in DP because every loss ended up being a valuable lesson that he carried for the rest of the series. His winning streak in Journeys is hype, but a healthy amount of setbacks and opportunities for...
  2. Beatsy Ray

    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    They did specifically say tournament. I have no reason to believe they've suddenly forgotten what tournament means, so it will most likely be the usual League format, just with 8 people. It also seems like ranks will be locked after the Raihan battle, so I don't expect any random 1v1 matches...
  3. Beatsy Ray

    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    I assume Master Class battles are predetermined and not optional, like in Hyper Class. Otherwise there would be zero incentive for Leon to take any challengers. For example, Ash would have lost by default and ranked down if his missed his match with Marnie. Why did they show Flint drop to 8th...