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  1. A Wild Luxray

    what are somethings you don't like about pokemon legends arceus?

    I've had distortions spawn in areas where I've been able to get lucky and stay up on a large rock high up enough where I can throw a pokeball before they notice. I had a good one in Alabaster Icelands. But yeah, it can be frustrating if you're in one of these situations where they immediate...
  2. A Wild Luxray

    what are somethings you don't like about pokemon legends arceus?

    -I personally hate how there's no double or triple battles. It feels unfair when you wind up with 3 Pokemon ganging up on your one. -I'm not too crazy about the new battle system when you can have your opponent attack 3 times in a row. -I still don't understand why they can't get voice acting...