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Search results

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    Constructive criticism v. flaming

    I review stories on fanifiction.net and as you are all likely aware, the stories there a god-awful. I'm considering myself guilty of Drakon's point about reviews based on their lack of basic understanding of the English Language.
  2. S

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Not too bad. Thanks for asking.
  3. S

    Rejecting criticism and sticking to your guns

    I agree as well. As TV Tropes says; shipping is serious business.
  4. S

    Which hand do you write with?

    I write with my left hand and even then it looks bad. My handwriting with my right hand is barely legible
  5. S

    Movies/TV Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    Paul 7.9/10 The film is funny and the characters are nice and Paul is really well made. However it isn't as funny as Shaun of the Dead or hot fuzz. However it is still a god film and Paul really works. If I were to put through another grip it would be one thing; how did the redneck (I assume he...
  6. S

    Will you be my...

    Yes. I will however ensure my upmost to get lost. Will you be my spaceship?
  7. S

    What's your sexuality?

  8. S

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Well I've never written something like that, but I do have an idea. It works just like a will. During their life every caught pokemon is registered into a database so they know which pokemon belongs to who. People put in their wills whether they want to give the pokemon away (and to who)...
  9. S

    Hello I am just here for the contests. Heh...

    Relax, I face the same not being able to get X or Y problem you do. And welcome, welcome to the madhouse.
  10. S

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Trine 2 directors cut, Pikmin 3 battle enemies stages 6-10
  11. S

    How do You Laugh?

    I laugh for around 1-2 at a time at certain times but I'm finding it hard to think how it actually sounds. People have said I have a weird laugh however.
  12. S


    Welcome to hell We accept payment in paper or plastic. Have fun
  13. S

    Obsolete: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

    Whimsicott and Goullurk
  14. S


    Good morning and have fun
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    What's Your Typing Speed?

    Re: Whats yours typing speed? Typing tutors for everyone! Quite fast. http://10fastfingers.com/speedtests/generate_screenshot_result/49_256_0_0_45_2_64.4_23287_65422
  16. S

    What future video games are you currently looking forward to?

    Batman Arkham Origins.
  17. S

    This user above died of...[V2]

    The above poster died when he poked a dragon. Never a good idea, unless you like yourself roasted.
  18. S

    What video games are you playing now?

    Batman Arkham City
  19. S

    This user above died of...[V2]

    Died by slipping on very icy patch Head went for six miles.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]