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Search results

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    What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    Like the title says, what do you think of the XY anime so Far? I personally have mixed feeling about this saga because I'm not much of a fan of the filler episodes and I already know Ash is going to lose in the Kalos League. The only thing that keeps this from unwatchable is how the game...
  2. P

    How would you rate the anime?

    How would you rate the anime as a whole? I've give it a below average rating because of it's repetitve nature, recycled episode plots and predictable storylines.
  3. P

    Offering a Snivy

    I am offering a newly hatched Snivy for a female Treecko. Friend code is 1293 0450 7508
  4. P

    Seeking a Pokemon with Pokerus

    Can someone trade me any kind of Pokemon that has Pokerus? My friend code is 1293-0450-7508.
  5. P

    Offering F Eevee

    I'm offering a docile female Eevee if anyone's interested. Friend code is 1293-0450-7508
  6. P

    Contest Battle of the Pikachu clones!

    What Pikachu clone do you like best, and why?
  7. P

    Contest Wild Battle Music

    I know there are other threads about favorite Pokemon music, but this topic is to compare which gen is the best Wild battle music. Which gen do you think has the wild battle theme? Mine is the XY wild battle.
  8. P

    XY's tone

    What do you think XY's tone is going to be? Do you think the writers are going to go for a more serious approach, or are they going to keep it light-hearted? Discuss.
  9. P

    What do you think the dub titles for XY are going to be?

    Come up of titles for the XY anime you think the dub is going to use. Here's what I think: Pokemon: X & Y Pokemon XY: Rival Wars Pokemon XY: Battle Flares Pokemon XY: Kalos League Victors
  10. P

    Darkest moments in the anime

    What episodes or scene do you consider to be the darkest/mature moment of the show?
  11. P

    Where will Ash go after the Kalos League?

    Where do you think Ash will go after he loses the Kalos League? (Not sure if its too soon to post this kind of topic).
  12. P

    Which saga had the best movies?

    Excuse me if this topic has been done before. Anyway, which saga do you think had the best movies, OS, AG, DP, or BW?
  13. P

    Do you think XY will a new animation style?

    Do you think Xy will have a new animation style or will it stay the way it is like in BW?
  14. P

    What do you think XY Ash will be like?

    What do you think XY Ash will be like, will he return to his DP personality, or will he stay like his BW self?
  15. P

    Which is better: Johto or BW?

    I am making this topic out of curiosity, so I REALLY apologize if this is not an appropriate topic to make. Anyways, which saga do you this is better: Johto or Best Wishes? Explain.
  16. P

    Which of the past rivals could have won the Unova League?

    I saw a tupic like this on Serebii and thought I could post it here. Which of the past rivals from previous sagas could have beat the Unova League?
  17. P

    What is your opinion on Episode N?

    What was your opinion on Episode N? Did you like it or did you hate it, and why? If a topic like this has been done before, then merge this topic with the correct one.
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    Favorite version of TRio?

    First off, I would like to apologize if someone already made a topic about this. Now on topic, which version of TRio do you like best?
  19. P

    Least Favorite Saga

    Which saga from the anime is your least favorite?