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    COMPLETE: School Competition Entry (TEEN

    So writing. Yeah I do this apparently. This was done a while ago, around two months. July 26th 2014, Project “Werewolf,” conducted by Dr Clare Greyhound Research Log entry 67 Success! Finally I've found a subject resilient enough for my purposes. All the others suffered heart attacks...
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    MATURE: Tales of Mossdeep

    Right, Squeaky here. Now I am determined that this does not turn into a dead fic like my other one. So I've got this Chapter Written and Chapter two is around 80% done, not including proof reading. When reviewing please be honest. I like most writers value criticism and good honest criticism is...
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    TEEN: Dying cotten

    My first fic. (Links will come as I add chapters) (Title should be Dying cottOn, sorry for the error) Index. Prologue Chapter1 Chapter2 Chapter3 Chapter4 Chapter5 Chapter6 (I may have more chapters, but this seems like a good amount. Dying cotton Prologue He clutched his prize. He sat down...
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    You are terminal ill

    You will die in a week. You don't need food, water, sleep, TV, marmite or anything that you would die without (I would die without it). Now for the good news. For that week, you will have god like powers, being able to do anything (brainwashing, teleporting, making it rain bulbasaurs and putting...
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    Your least favorite animal?

    I hate female mosquitoes, they have killed half of all people who have ever lived
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    Greetings! I am a new member here.

    I hope that the threads I will eventually create be of standard and fun to read! :ksmile: