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Search results

  1. Captain Bubbles

    Pokemon Hangman

    _ _ _ _ Strikes: 3/8 Guesses: A, E, I
  2. Captain Bubbles

    Pokemon Hangman

    _ _ _ _ Strikes: 2/8 Guesses: A, E
  3. Captain Bubbles

    Pokemon Hangman

    _ O _ _ Strikes: 9/8 Guesses: E, A, I, O, U, S, L, R, N, M The answer was Hoyt! Alright, new coming up! _ _ _ _ Strikes: 0/8 Guesses: None
  4. Captain Bubbles

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    8/10. Adorable rocky puppy!
  5. Captain Bubbles

    What moveset would the above user have?

    Dazzling Gleam Lunar Dance Sing Thief
  6. Captain Bubbles

    How well does the above user's usertitle and avatar go together?

    10/10. She always uses a quote from the show or film she uses for her avatar and signature.
  7. Captain Bubbles

    Like, OK, Dislike

    Ok Turtonator
  8. Captain Bubbles

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Known for being really excited for BDSP.
  9. Captain Bubbles

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for sleeping on the job.
  10. Captain Bubbles

    Pokemon Hurt and Heal v.5! Revive to ETERNALLY!!!

    Perrserker 60 Copperajah 320 -> 300 Sandslash (Alolan) 270 Empoleon 330 Solgaleo 140 Corviknight 280 -> 290
  11. Captain Bubbles

    Spam Points!

    DawningWinds: 675 empoemperor: 448 Captain Bubbles: 239 Chevywolf30: 202 GrookeyFan77: 81 BackSet: 76 BigDocFan: 43 Blazing Larvesta: 14 NMLewis: 12 L4PR4S: 4 vmario: 4 Frozen Fennec: 3 Champion1: 2 skywaffles: 2 occtopus executive: 1 dawn dusk: 1
  12. Captain Bubbles

    What Pokemon move comes to mind for the letter above

    Dream Eater V
  13. Captain Bubbles

    Random Messages 16: Who’s on First?

    My return was foretold nowhere. So yeah...
  14. Captain Bubbles

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Generation above?

    Pineco Gen 4
  15. Captain Bubbles

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the letter above?

    Regigigas B
  16. Captain Bubbles

    The Generation Game

  17. Captain Bubbles

    Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

    Nope. Zapdos
  18. Captain Bubbles

    What Type Advantage Pokemon comes to mind?

  19. Captain Bubbles

    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    Nope. Houndour