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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    I like this, I really do, probably because it reminds me of One Punch Man, but the only issue I have is how Ash got there. I can’t really see the path Ash took to get to this level from Sun & Moon, and quite frankly the PWC & Journeys has messed up scaling forever. At the start of the series...
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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    I do find it weird how last episode implied this was the final opportunity for participants to raise their rank. Prior to that, I genuinely thought they were finally going to make Ash lose, which he desperately needed. Of course I wasn’t 100% sure, but compared to fights against Dransa, Volkner...
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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    Good. I was hoping this battle was before the one against Paul. It’s a chance to have Lucario struggle to master its own power-up, whatever it is, in this battle and lose. And, God knows that is needed - Ash losing. He’s had a fairly easy road, and none of Ash’s power-ups were really...