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    Preview SM138: The Finals! The Strongest Rival Showdown!!

    Thing is, Ash hasn’t really done anything so far to impress me, his Pokemon have. Meltan was largely responsible for the win against Faba, and Rowlet had to improvise, twice. Using his Z-Move straight off the bat isn’t a bright idea, as shown in the episode, and normally Ash is more reserved...
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    Preview SM138: The Finals! The Strongest Rival Showdown!!

    In my To me, I obviously want Ash to win, but I feel the satisfaction will be like the Orange League, maybe less. Ash had to actually beat two strong trainers in that Psychic leader and Drake, and same goes here for the Alolan League, Gladion and Guzma, with Hau being well...as you lot...
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    Preview SM138: The Finals! The Strongest Rival Showdown!!

    I’m just going to ask one question...if in the event of Ash actually winning the league, would you consider this an actual win, or would it be as valuable as the Orange League victory, or even less so?