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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    I don't see the point of Lucario seeing the vines, since we all know Ash isn't going to release it and that whole plot point will go nowhere. What if the vines are like cut trees though.
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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    Then give Alain's Charizard that ability instead so he can finally lose something. Greninja didn't deserve to be written off only to come back for a training episode for a shillmon. I know Oak's lab isn't a great alternative but at least that way we know where Greninja IS.
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    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    Not to mention GMax Gengar being pointless if it can't even get a decent victory over shill-mon (well, more shill than Gengar). Also I still don't get why Greninja had to protect Zygarde if it lost against Mega Charizard X, shouldn't Charizard have been the one to protect Zygarde instead? Why...