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Search results

  1. Captain Bubbles

    Which type would be the character above be?

    So one person mentions a character. It can be from anywhere, be it films, franchises, even anime. And then next person assigns a type or type combination for that character. For example: Person 1: Gumball Person 2: Normal/Psychic Thanos Person 3: Psychic/Fighting...
  2. Captain Bubbles

    PLA Challenges

    With how easy or mundane some Pokemon games are, people implement the Nuzlocke challenge to make it harder. So for Legends Arceus, which challenges would you implement to make the game harder or more challenging? I believe that there will be a challenge of complete the game using no Pokemon...
  3. Captain Bubbles

    25th Anniversary of Pokemon

    This might be a bit early. But hey, the Sinnoh remake thread started in 2014. So, what are your expectations for this 25th Anniversary? Will we see Kanto, nothing but Kanto? Will Johto make an appearance? Will Pikachu and Eevee get even more merch? Will it be something completely different...
  4. Captain Bubbles

    Pokemon Professor Discussion

    Which tree do you think the professor will be named after? Will they be male or female? Will we have multiple professors? What will be their main area of study? Will they have an assistant? Let the discussion begin!
  5. Captain Bubbles

    More Small Jobs?

    Remember the small job where you had to throw Pyukumuku back in the ocean? Do you see any new small jobs being added in USUM? Maybe we'll have to search underwater for items that people have lost in the sea.
  6. Captain Bubbles

    Pre-Order Bonuses

    We all know that pre-ordering can give us some quirky and sometimes useful bonuses. Which bonuses will you be receiving if you pre-order Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?
  7. Captain Bubbles

    The Pokemon Switch Version

    I decided to make a thread for this as not to clutter other threads with this. What are your hopes for this game or these games? Do you think that it'll be Gen VIII, a Kanto sequel(s), Sinnoh remake(s) or just something else completely? Do you see it releasing in 2018 or beyond? I think that...
  8. Captain Bubbles

    New Oricorio Forms?

    Since there's much speculation about new islands, do people think that we may be getting new Oricorio forms? Going with the colors: Red - Fire/Flying Orange - Not sure about this one. Yellow - Electric/Flying Green - Grass/Flying Blue - Water or Dragon/Flying Indigo - Ice/Flying Violet -...
  9. Captain Bubbles

    Riding Pokemon

    Do you see them adding any new Riding Pokémon? Maybe we'll ride a Mantine to explore the depths of the ocean. Or do you see them changing current Riding Pokémon? Or even removing some of them like Stoutland for example?
  10. Captain Bubbles

    Trials, Gyms or Both?

    Do you see them keeping Trials and improving them? Replace them with Gyms, which are hopefully upgraded? Or having both together?
  11. Captain Bubbles

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Confirmed

    So Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has been confirmed for the 3DS, releasing on 17 November worldwide.
  12. Captain Bubbles

    Speculation Unova Remakes

    I know this way too early to even think about fifth generation remakes. But it's never too early to speculate. The big questions: 1. How do you think they'll handle the sequels? 2. What do you want to see added in these remakes? 3. How do you think they'll handle White Tree Hollow and Black...
  13. Captain Bubbles

    Poke Egg Patterns

    With Pokemon possibly moving to console with the potential Stars, do you think that Pokemon Eggs will finally have their own patterns which show which Pokemon is on the inside? Like this Chinchou Egg from the anime, for example:
  14. Captain Bubbles

    Over Sun and Moon

    So, is anyone else over Sun and Moon like the cow? Does anyone find it boring already and have just shelved it? Why do you find it boring? Is there another reason for shelving it? I just feel completely bored with my Moon version. Can't really enjoy the Tree or Royal due to lag. The Plaza...
  15. Captain Bubbles

    Oricorio Forms

    Oricorio, the Pokemon who loves flower nectar, has four forms. Which form or forms do you use, like or totally hate? Do you feel that any of them will be viable competitively? Which tier or tiers do see the forms in? Discuss all about Oricorio here.
  16. Captain Bubbles

    The 7 Alchemic Planets of Sun and Moon

    This is a theory that I came up with last night. It all fits so well together. Also, remember that this is just a theory and not fact. The seven alchemic planets are the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each planet is associated with a legendary or an Ultra Beast. 1...
  17. Captain Bubbles


    We recently received a small sidequest of throwing Pyukumuka back into the sea, because they are very stubborn from moving from one spot and starves. This pays a hefty sum of P$20 000. So what other sidequests may we possibly receive during our adventure in Alola? I can maybe see a sidequest...
  18. Captain Bubbles

    A Wild Pokemon Info Feature

    Remember those times that you were searching for a specific Nature and Ability on a Pokemon? You captured many Pokemon thus wasting much time. So what if there's a feature that let's you see all the info about a wild Pokemon before you capture it? It will be located in the center on the...
  19. Captain Bubbles

    Hello from the colors in the sky!

    Hello! I am have just joined! I am a big fan of Gen 3, Hoenn and Heracross in particular. My happiness levels are always off the charts. I am looking forward to making some new friends and meeting many new people! :ksmile:
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