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    Thoughts on Pokémon Journeys in 2021

    Yeah. The ironic thing is most past series cameos like Misty's AG ones or Dawn's BW ones were hardly executed any better than the ones now. For example if Misty showed up now just to hang in the background of an Oak's lab ep with Tracey and bond with a character in a cave like she did with Max...
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    Thoughts on Pokémon Journeys in 2021

    It's interesting you say this when the rest of your post points out what has improved over this year. Yes there is still the overall problems of Go's captures/pokemon not getting proper development, but that's obviously going to stay the formula for him all series I assume. I also agree we could...
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    Thoughts on Pokémon Journeys in 2021

    Definitely better than the first year. The battles and animation has gotten much better, the PWC is better handled, and Go and Koharu have gotten better focus. Besides that when they do give Ash's Pokémon focus they are well handled, it's just a shame the gaps are so long. The returning...
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