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    Musashi's Pokémon Reviews!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZvFV0iAw7I So I started a new web series for Bulbagarden called Musashi's Pokémon Reviews. In the first few episodes I'll be playing the newest Mystery Dungeon Game, but future episodes I'll cover merchandise and the anime. It's my first try at a web series...
  2. M

    Musashi's Pokemon Collection

    I have a whole lot more stuff to post, but I got a package full of Rocket things today and thought I'd share this first. Still have a Meowth and Pikachu figure on the way.
  3. M

    Social Group Clean Up

    There are, at present, over 1800 social groups. They've become so numerous that it's impossible for the staff to keep an eye on them all. We need to dramatically reduce that number. For that reason, we will be proceeding to a large-scale clean up of social groups. This clean-up will include...
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    The 2013 Staff Drive has now begun!

    Greetings everyone! It's that time of year again when the forums looks for new staff. Most sections are looking to hire, and here's how you can apply. To apply to Garden Grotto, Pokémon Video Games, Shippers' Paradise, and Fun and Games, fill out the following application...
  5. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 026 (Dec 23rd, 2012) - Ayana Tsubaki

    The show starts off with the premiere of the chorus version of Rocket Dan yo Eien ni! The song and motto get a new badass remix that better be on the new CDs. The TRio mention that it's the final episode and their return to the anime next year, as well as N, who they have no clue who he is...
  6. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 025 (Dec 16th, 2012) - Akeno Watanabe

    No drama today. They just did an ad for the new blu-ray movie box and Keldeo blu-ray release. During the interview Zuruggu appeared and Musashi and Kojiro found him cute. lol. Shootie was mentioned but I'm not sure what was said. Musashi also called Kojiro "Kojiro-kun" which was kinda weird...
  7. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 023 (Dec 2nd, 2012) - Miyako Itō

    The show started out with this Pokemon comedy show featuring Pokemon telling jokes. After the intro the TRio get a toilet. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A9GjpKqCQAAqhDr.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A9GjsWxCYAEekMJ.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A9GjvopCcAAb5fF.jpg:large It...
  8. M

    Music New Rocket-Dan CDs announced!

    The latest episode of the Rocket's radio show featured a commercial for new CDs from the TRio's radio show! There will be three volumes of CDs with each volume containing two CDs. The chorus version of "Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni" is expected to be on there, but the rest is currently unknown. Each...
  9. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 022 (Nov 25th, 2012) - Chinami Nishimura

    The drama is a bit confusing, but Jeshi; helped figure it out. It starts with Nyasu complaining about how cold it is. Musashi and Kojiro are sleeping. (Not sure what Musashi is saying, but Kojiro is dreaming of Gaa-chan. Daww.) Nyasu needs to go to the bathroom (Is this the first time a...
  10. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 021 (Nov 18th, 2012) - Misato Fukuen

    Not sure what the drama was aside from Musashi and Kojiro playing old people. After the Isshu motto (with the correct music finally!) Musashi picks up where she left off last week and wants ice cream. Luckily, they received a package from QQ full of freeze dried food, including ice cream! The...
  11. M

    Handsome to appear soon?

    https://twitter.com/terasomasaki/status/269341862433792000 Handsome's voice actor tweeted the following yesterday: So it looks like they found a way to fit Handsome into Best Wishes after all. :-) Time to speculate!
  12. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 020 (Nov 11th, 2012) - Wasabi Mizuta

    My internet kept going in and out, so this won't be as complete as usual. Pokabu's voice actress joins the TRio today. I belive the drama was another one of those "Heart to Heart" where Nyasu talks backwords and Kojiro has to repeat it. After that Wasabi Mizuta joined them, and I missed most of...
  13. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 018 Review Thread (Oct 28th, 2012) - Daisuke Sakaguchi

    Tonight's episode starts with the TRio doing a "live" rock concert! Musashi was on guitar, Kojiro was on the drums, and Nyasu played the piano. And yes, we did finally get a new Rocket "song"! I couldn't stop laughing. XD The lyrics were "Team Rocket to Victory. Team Rocket to ii kanji." Each of...
  14. M

    Review BW099: The Tag Battle of the Sky and the Earth!

    The Tag Battle of the Sky and the Earth! Animation - Team Kato Screenplay - Shōji Yonemura Storyboard - Kazuomi Koga Assistant director - Kazuomi Koga Animation director - Kunihiko Natsume
  15. M

    "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 016 Review Thread (Oct 14th, 2012) - Chiaki Takahashi

    Junsa's seiyuu joins the TRio today as they try to get her to join the Rocket-Dan! She does respect them! The Drama was Nyasu being on some Pokemon jet and trying to watch this Pokemon quiz show. A guy kept interrupting the show. They're finally up to the BW motto. The music quiz had to be...
  16. M

    Review BW098:P The Most Magnificent Pokémon in the World!? Chillaccino VS Tsutarja!

    The Most Magnificent Pokémon in the World?! Chillaccino VS Tsutarja! Animation - Team Kato Screenplay - Yukiyoshi Ōhashi Storyboard - Fumihiro Yoshimura Assistant director - Fumihiro Yoshimura Animation director - Takashi Shinohara
  17. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 015 Review Thread (Oct 7th, 2012) - Etsuko Kozakura

    The Rocket TRio take back their radio show as Potchama's VA joins them! We finally get some new ads with Joi and Junsa, and something new! Fans send in themselves singing Team Rocket Forever and they'll make a chorus version of the song featuring all the members!
  18. M

    Japanese Translators Wanted

    Hi everyone, Bulbagarden is looking for people proficient in Japanese to help us translate. The things needing translations could range from anime episode summaries, magazine scans featuring new video game information, website translations, or any other thing we may need help with. This isn't...
  19. M

    Mini-Staff Drive

    Hi everyone, We usually do a big forum wide staff drive about once a year. However, there are also times where we like to hire outside of that to fill in a few sections here and there. Today is one of those times. Entertainment Inc., Pokemon Anime, and Pokemon World are looking to hire a few...
  20. M

    Review "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 013 Review Thread (Sept 23rd, 2012) - TROLOLOL

    Yeah, that's the best title I can come up with after listening to 30 minutes of what the fuck. The show starts off with another Little Red Riding Hood parody... but wait, who is the narrator? And who's playing Little Red riding Hood? Why... It's Yamato and Kosanji! The two then start their...
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