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  1. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time
    Threadmarks: Chapter 3: A Perfect Circle

    Cold. It was so very cold. The air was frigid and chilled her to the very core. That… wasn't right. It hadn't been cold at all earlier! Chaplin shivered as the wind pierced right through her fur. Oh gods, what just happened? Chaplin kept her eyes shut for a while. She wasn't sure that she...
  2. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time

    (woah, speedy reviews)
  3. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time
    Threadmarks: Chapter 2: Dream Catcher

    Trees towered over Chaplin, casting shadows darker than the secretion of a Tentacool. Moonlight broke through the canopy, lighting up the forest floor with patches of silvery salvation. Chaplin took wobbly steps into a spot of light, as she sat and took in her surroundings. She… didn't remember...
  4. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time

    (Wow, two reviews already?! That was fast!)
  5. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Hands Off

    Near a mountain range lay a town called Dusthill. This town was home to mostly Dark type pokemon, however, all types were welcome. Dusthill never got many visitors, though, if only because of the bad stigma surrounding Dark types. Though, perhaps there was another reason pokemon rarely came...
  6. AbraPunk

    TEEN: Tail of Time

    After receiving a prophetic vision in the form of a dream, a young Shinx ventures out to the heart of the forest. There, she is brought into a secret group called the Cosmic Guardians. Now, working alongside an Abra and a Lurantis, she must figure out how to find her place in this world, handle...
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